2 March 2015

Last wednesday with Rebecca and Fungus after FINALLY signing the contract for our house next year and paying the security deposit + wonderful news ie our landlord is storing out stuff for us for the summer!!!

Bad photo ft. my sleeve I am hopeless at this 

Had lunch and then went to starbucks to plan our Easter trip..... went one round from Belgium to Greece to Brighton and then after 4 whole hours back to Belgium again.... finally done with booking our flights and accommodation I feel like a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders though I have another burden in the form of a very sad and pathetic bank account. 

Random lunch with coursemates before London after our practical @ Alcuin Bistro which is 2mins away from my room and sells ULTRA CHEAP good food?!!!! Grateful for this bunch to last me through lousy lecturers and annoying coursework. 

Gymmed (ha) and then went to the rail station where I was 30 mins early for my train and made a fool of myself lugging my giant bag of alcohol around while holding a cup of hot choc. Took a grand central train for the first time and w0w whAT IS EAST COAST????? I had so much leg space I could get out of my window seat without even touching the girl sitting beside me #amazES #verycheapthrill.

These are ALL the pictures I  have from London hahahahahahahahaa.... hahahaha...

but it was a really really really really good weekend. We had ramen for lunch on Saturday and then ice cream and then we went back and I read my book and took a nap while it was raining outside and I was so happy... the nua lyfe chose me really. Super satisfying chinese dinner and then ICSS's major event!!!! Overload of corny jokes/bubble tea/familar faces/return of geraldine/perfect saturday/happy/very happy. Got myself an early bird (hehe) ticket to mnight this saturday bc east coast lied and said train tickets are £8.60 but APPARENTLY NOT so I'm not going back to London after all :'(

Was gonna take the tube to king's cross from south ken and fungus asked me take one last look at the area bc it's the last time I'm there this year damn evil.

I don't know what it is about London that I like so much tho... I'm starting to feel happy coming to York because after travelling around and trying new restaurants, familiarising myself with town I've realised we have all we need and more and I think I've taken a liking to the ducks and geese and horses and all the green and blue. London is completely opposite but I can't say I like one more than the other; maybe it's the contrast I've fallen in love with-- London inspires me in ways York cannot, it makes me want to work harder but York makes me want to be a better person? WHATEVER it is I'm very glad for these 2 places (sounds weird but wtv).

Still excited and happy feb has really been the fabbest let's hope march will be good for the best is yet to be HA HAPPY FOUNDER'S DAY THE PRESENT WE CREATE BUT FOR THOSE WHO HOPE WORK AND PLAY THE BEST IS YET TO BE bye

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