21 March 2015

Just had a long long conversation with the porter about Singaporean surnames and am feeling so happy but sad because he said he's leaving next week and just had to ask me how to pronounce my surname. I've realised there are some days I can English and some days I cannot, and today happens to one of those days I can. It's reassuring knowing I can speak English perfectly somehow without being my usual stumbling stuttering self.

I don't know why but I'm touched; I don't even know his name but he seems to know me so well (proof of how much online shopping I've been doing but that's not the point here) and it's made me think again how one could find so much joy in such a job-- one I can never see myself being satisfied doing. What would we do without them


  1. did my comment get posted or not why is this so confusing?!

  2. OKAY. I said porter is such an english word you are so english.