4 February 2015

Was sick in bed with a fever for the first time in 10+ years and my top concern was that my 10-year feverless streak has been BROKEN :(((( Was just staring at my paracetamol and wondering if I should take any or let the fever run its course and eventually gave up and popped 2 pills and w0w it was amazing my temperature dropped a whole 2 degrees. 

Really missed having parents to take care of me tho :( Couldn't even eat properly yesterday because I had 0 energy to drag my ass to the kitchen to cook so I ended up eating instant noodles and cereal which also means I'm going to recover much slower HAHA sian HOW U TELL ME???

Also missed ALL MY LESSONS YESTERDAY and this morning hohoho I am so behind it's amazing w0wz grace first class is not enough pls get your average up to 90 k bye 

(ordered pork ribs yesterday so I can finally make bkt and abc soup wheeee)

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