1 February 2015

VEREE HAPPEE DAYEE TODAYEE whee for no particular reason (isn't this the best type of happy bc you know it won't pass easily :))))))(also second post of the day)(so much for posting much less right)(too bad)

Lunch after church today 

Spent the longest time walking around town trying all the shoes and concluded that I will only buy a new pair/shop after I lose 5kg yes?????? yes good girl grace now you've promised the world (like literally) so pls don't break this promise.

I don't even know why I'm so happy today??? I'm a LARK omg I was singing all the way to church and then singing to town and singing everywhere all day and then on the bus back to college there was this blindingly handsome/cute guy sitting diagonally in front of me and I practically danced off the bus bc I was so happy like my eyes were so bloody pleased.

Adding a little something to my prayer list this week ;) HAAHHAA ok I will not be gross bye goodnight it's like 8pm and I am SO TIRED but I'm going to bed before this bliss goes away


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