1 February 2015

It's been snowing so much I feel so lucky to be here (also it's currently 6.43 in the AM and it feels good being up when no one else is). I've been living on chicken porridge the past few days because it tastes like home and is soooOo easy to make. 

The only restaurant in York that comes close to selling Singaporean food?!!?! It was okay but I shan't complain bc I'm in York and this is more than I should be asking for already AHHAHA 

Snowwwwwwwwwwwwww and posing beside some random restaurant's lit menu bc there was no light anywhere else 

Thursday's snow and polaroids with ma main bitch and (relatively) new superdry jacket

The number of lectures I've skipped since school started is amazing!!!! W0W on Friday (during lecture) I wrote it all down and I've gone for a total of 2 cell and developmental bio lectures out of 6 I should be disappointed in myself. I also have an assignment due tomorrow that I've not finished but AHHHHH blablablablabala.

Got back my results and I don't know if I should be pleased or not. Funny how it's all bio but I can do well for one and do not so well for the other. Am also reconsidering taking biomed because intro to biomed is like my least fav module >:( thinking I might be a geneticist instead....?? but not worried about this for now-- I think going down the bio/science path was the right choice that will lead me to eventually become the person I want to be :-))

Had a biomed workshop on Friday and used up 60% of my phone's battery googling our answers LOL I'm hopeless but you cannot blame me???? How am I supposed to remember all the parts of the brain in one lecture??? Elections were on Friday too but I didn't run for anything so it was mostly just 4 stressless hours of free pizza and ultra fizzy lemonade and chinese takeout. 

Yesterday was chinese food in town and then tea @ some seniors' house. Twas a relaxing day and my mouth basically didn't stop moving for 6 hours but that's fine cos I skipped dinner and slept at 9 (which also explains why I'm awake now). 

I hope church will be good today; Denise is finally coming and I hope the songs will be good. Recently they've been singing songs I don't know and while I'm always open to learning new hymns I can't help but miss the traditional 100yo songs we sing back at home. Up till today I don't know if I really belong to this church or agree with the way it does things, nor do I know if it's right for me to be staying just because I know I'm more comfortable here with people I know around me. 

Was feeling heavy-hearted last night for some reason and woke at 1.40 and couldn't sleep properly since then (ok maybe bc I didn't bathe and my head was damn itchy LOL ok sorry). k bye bye it's time for me to get rid of this heaviness (every Sunday I feel this way every. single. week. ://///)


was listening to chinese hymns (don't ask why thx) and some of them are so good

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