25 February 2015

I'm still happy and have not experienced even a tinge of sadness in the past week I think this is sufficient cause for celebration. Whenever I'm happy I realise that it really is all up to me, but when I'm sad it's an entire different story... slowly learning to practise emotional hygiene (thanks guy winch lololol) and I think I'm getting better at this!!!!!!!!! All it takes is a conscious effort yes

Last night I went to bed thinking of all the people I have around me and couldn't believe how thousands of miles apart and 4 months later I'm still talking to my friends like I never left and I'm so thankful so thankful so thankful for technology today????

Listening to a capella hymns this sunny morning and am going to finally settle house stuff have a nice lunch and buy a good bottle of cider and plan our easter trip ^~^ Looking forward to London on Friday tho I have to get over my presentation and tutoriAL and I also have a report due on Monday (but getting used to all this the homework stress is not getting to me anymore).

The weather has been crazy I have to check the forecast before heading out?? One day it feels like summer and the next there's a typhoon going on outside. Yesterday I had to walk 10 minutes to withdraw money and I almost froze to death in my coat.

bye abrupt ending

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