19 February 2015

Essay still undone and due in about 36 hours but I just cannot be bothered now. Just came back from CNY celebration and am the most tired I've been in a long time but I'm feeling too happy now to just go to sleep.

Spent the first CNY eve away from home and idk about you but CNY really is one of my fav fav fav holidays because CNY means time spent with people I know will there in years and years to come. Today went way better than expected with new friends and good food and a lot of singing cny songs/old songs/disney and took away a lot of homesickness but the best part was coming back to my room at midnight and receiving happy cny messages from poketuplets. So seemingly insignificant but I'm tOUCHED I'm remembered ok.

Will finish my essay and maybE steamboat it up at night (I have never had steamboat for CNY juzsayin). Waking up at 8 to bai nian through skype and receive some virtual angpows so goodnight happy new year here's to (hopefully) growing up.

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