21 February 2015

Documenting every little bit of my first CNY away from home because I can't believe how well things have been going. 2015 started out with extreme shittiness but this 2015 has been nothing short of perfect so far and stupid as it sounds I'm grateful for this second new beginning?? I feel like it's a second chance to start the year properly bc I didn't do it well the first time round. 


7-hour skype session which made cny feel like cny (sat on my ass from 8am-4pm and didn't eat lunch because I didn't want to leave my screen)

Steamboat @ 一百一 and a house of strangers. Was so tired because I woke up at 7+ in the morning to buy oranges to bainian through skype and only slept at 2 the previous night (sorry 6 hours is too little for grace) so I ended up falling asleep on the sofa because so TIRED. Happy that we had plans for the night because if not I would've been alone in my room complaining about life again. Good talks lame jokes nice food 


Ok sorry I realised my editing is super not consistent idk why the other 2 photos are so pink but anyway.... unplanned photoshoot with a random wall behind the sports centre on day 2 bc Denise wanted her ootd shot and I... was... in... my pyjamas... but that's the beauty of winter right everyone wears their pyjamas underneath their coats (right?).

Super good dinner cooked by Yanling and co. (with the broccoli mushroom abalone (!!!) thingy!!!) + super good drinks + king's cup + me filling up with gas and wanting to die + green tea + burp + good as new. First time playing drinking games in York I think this is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT.... So happy for new friends I feel like life has finally moved and things are finally changing after being at a standstill for the past 2 months. 

Feeling legit excited for life here in York and looking forward to orientation and whatever is to come. I'm full of happy thoughts and am gonna remember 4LYFE how good this feels and how caring too much ruins too much for too little. 

I haven't felt so carefree in such a long while -- not bothered by my friendships, not bothered by boys, not bothered by schoolwork (so carefree I submitted my essay late LOL but that's not the point yes...), not bothered by looming exams I am so not ready for considering I skipped almost the whole week of school. 

I still have a long way to go to being the person I want myself to be but I!! will!! get!! there!!