28 January 2015

Today I have people in my life who feel the need to share their joys in life with me, and those who come to me when they are feeling troubled, and these are the people I want to share my life with too. Feeling undeserving tonight but nevertheless thankful for just how lucky lucky lucky I am. Lucky because I have parents who give good advice on making friends, the people I should keep, the people who are better kept at a distance; love, don't hate, but know who is good for you and who you are good for, and stay sibeh tiongxim in those relationships (ok obv they didn't use those words but u geddit) because these are the people who will stay, who have seen you at your worst and you them, who will grow old with you, who will make you covers of your favourite songs (#xscl la miss u poketuplets like the most rn all I wanna do is playground) and who will tolerate you on your worst days (sorry chloe)(no. 1 recipient of my grouchiness).

Who will wake up at 7am to eat macs breakfast with you, walk 8km from AMK to Kovan cos you feel like it, night cycle with you and swear they will never do it again (tho deep down I know you will go if I ask you la right jofo), etcetcetc (this is me listing down all my happy things and I'm like literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD now while listening to xscl). ok long story short 人生的际遇千百种
At peace now with myself and with those I'm keeping close. I feel myself pushing everyone else away but I guess that's better than struggling to keep everyone close and losing everything in the process. I know now exactly how I want to live and the things I believe in and I'm going to be cold and real; I will turn the other cheek when I need to, but I will also walk away and close doors I will never open again kind of like u know the monsters inc when they wanna destroy the thingy they will shred the door then the house will just disappear or fly away somewhere the monsters cannot enter HAHAHA

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