22 January 2015

This space is lacking pictures terribly and I'm not satisfied bc I like to look at my pictures when I stalk myself (half of my blog views come from myself I'm very sure) but here I am to tell everyone that very soon I will post some pictures BECAUSE I AM GOING TO LONDON TMR to get my Mac charger back yayayayyayay.

I am now done with my presentation which has been a great burden in the past week. I still don't understand what I presented but I will leave that for when I'm doing my PhD (ha ha). I'm getting my life in order and it feels so good; Rebecca and I got membership at the sports village so pls look forward to my hotbod (every day I don't exercise is £1 gone this is a sad thought). Feeling swaggy with my members' wristband. Also I'm doing laundry today and changing my bed sheets!!! The day before I vacuumed my room and made my bed and did productive bible study -- baby baby baby steps I'm so thankful I'm walking again. I sound damn idiotic but it's true, happiness and sadness are similar in so many ways. 

When I was a sadgal I just kept getting sadder because I was sad about being sad because I was sad I was sad but now that I'm keeping myself happy I keep getting happier because I'm happy that I'm happy because I'm happy I'm happy. Life is exciting and there is so much to look forward to. 

:-))))) limpeh 很开心

(After I post this I am going to google bipolar symptoms again because this is abnormal)

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