30 January 2015

some things are just the way they are; not meant to be read into, much less dramatised. why would you bring yourself unnecessary worrying with a bunch of useless useless useless thoughts???? this is my no. 1 lesson in 2015 and something I will remind myself for life and I really hope you learn it too. it's almost despicable really. I despise myself for having done it.

i used to think it was good blogging like this helped to get thoughts out bc if it weren't for it i wouldn't have thought such thoughts, but now i've realised it's been more toxic than good so HEHE CONGRATS U NEVER HAVE TO READ MY EMO POSTS AGAIN!!!!

which means i will post much less, but i think it's a good decision to anyhowz to grow up first before infecting the www with my bad thoughts

kk bye i'm sad cos i have to go for lab

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