20 January 2015

Random thought while reading this gross paper on dengue models: I think 2014 was the year I grew some balls and learnt to say no and I don't know-- I now am not afraid to answer "I don't know" in class (wastes a lot less time and spares me a lot of unnecessary stress/embarrassment I feel) and tell people when I don't feel comfortable doing something.

It's both a good thing and a bad thing; good because I never knew how to fight for myself and this is a mini stepping stone I have overcome and I am now confident of saying no to drugs, bad because now I may never step out of my comfort zone again.

I still haven't mastered the art of telling people I can't hear them though.
Probably because every time I say it it falls on deaf ears (ha ha ha... haha) anyway.

Now that I mentioned it 2014 was also the year I decided life is too short to attempt holding conversations with people who refuse to speak louder. Sorry if u feel like I unfriended u in 2014

It was probably cos I couldn't hear you

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