27 January 2015

I'M BACK with my mac charger life is good with such a big screen.

Here are photos from our Spain/Portugal trip that I'm very eager to post because my old man phone has no more space. It seems like this trip happened so long ago?? I have no idea where I took half of these photos, neither are they in chronological order; just (hopefully) visually pleasing photos I feel are enough.

Our first meal in Madrid- jacket potatoes loaded with a shitload of random stuff but I LOVED it hehe 

Porto where we spent forever at this place overlooking the tiny city taking photos before watching the sunset ahhhh 

Gloomy day in Lagos which resulted in us getting very wet and trespassing into some random golf course and then climbing out again through a hole in the fence

Fell in love with these postcards in Seville for some reason but didn't buy any cos I couldn't decide which and I'd bought way too many postcards already 

Train ride from Seville > Barcelona after missing our flight which I choose to believe happened for a reason and was a good experience haha 

Our very short last day in Barcelona where I was dying because my knee felt like it was going to give way

(obv not in chronological order) Lisbon trams (took only one photo of a tram and it's because it says Graca. Can't beat my ego really)

Happy warm breakfast in Lagos ^^ 

Meal in Bolhao Market in Porto the best part was the potatoes

Twas a good trip and a new experience definitely- never in my life have I backpacked (kinda) across 6 cities over 9 cities. That being said it was both physically and mentally draining and I don't see myself doing something like this in the near future (resuming nuaqueen status). I have some little regrets like not trying sangria even once and spending way too much on shopping but regrets are useless so I'm just glad this trip happened and I'm proud of us for planning everything (quite) well heh

Came back to York for just one night (after missing our train because the time on our plane tickets were printed wrongly?!!! and we arrived one hour later than we expected to) and it felt SO GOOD to lie in my own bed again. Crazy me booked my train to London at 4pm the next day so off I went to London unsure of what to expect going on a ski trip knowing only one person there. 

20h bus ride that really wasn't half as bad as the bus ride from Lagos to Seville

Stranded in the mountains thanks to the heavy snow.............. slept in the resort lobby for one night and Grace just really likes it when things don't go as planned and we are forced to be (slightly) adventurous. Ok on second thought I think I'd rather things go as planned, but sleeping in the lobby was fine just a bit cold haha 

Supposed last meal that turned out not to be our last meal because the snow was so bad (see that little POT it has a shitload of CORN PUREE IN THERE omg corn puree)

Goldmine I didn't get to eat tho I just came back from London again sobsies sobsters sobs (somehow wasn't really feeling it then but then again I was in a trance the past 3 days)

I have snippets of my thoughts during the ski trip but it feels a bit err to just post everything here 1 month later so I shall reorganise. It's funny how despite not knowing anyone there I felt so at home those 9 (10? 11?) days; It was only on the bus there that I realised how much I missed being surrounded by my fellow countrymen. A quarter and slightly more of me still wishes I had gone to a London uni instead but I know if I had done that things would be different, so I guess I'm glad I'm here in York: home is a good place to be but it takes some struggle to grow. 

For the first few days I was just very amused because I have never.... shared... .a room.... with 3 other... .guys before........... and a shower.... with 7 other guys..... and etc etc like do u KNOW HOW SELF-CONSCIOUS I WAS bc like the toilet was unisex (and I'm quite sure no other girl uses that toilet) so I had to make sure when I peed or shat the water wouldn't splash and make a sound bc tho natural processes it is kinda embarrassing to emerge from a cubicle and see a line of guys waiting for you yes??? yes very stressful. Also dropping hair.... 

I have to admit at the beginning I was just very bewildered and amused all the time because after 3 months of living in this convent/nunnery of a university I'd forgotten completely how guys (particularly singaporean) act and not to sound despo but it's something I've missed too :'( (HAHA OK SORRY WHO AM I KIDDING ok wait but I swear I'm not despo la I'm just rather deprived)

I wrote something on xmas I think I will ctrl+v here


25/12/2014 09:37

merry christmas!!!

sigh haha



ok maybe I'm despo (but I am not!!!!!! there is no way to explain this or justify myself so I shall not) 

Skiing itself was fun albeit stressful because the brother is just too good and my fat ass could not keep up with him so after the first few days I sent him off to the red slopes and followed some new-found friends around the blue slopes. Tried a red slope on the third day too and really almost died and would have died had I not bum slid 3/4 of the way down (am a weak old woman). 

I can't say I don't miss the few hours we had every night drinking (kinda) and playing games like we never do here in York though I was a quiet little mouse (or was I) most of the time. For the first few days (maybe weeks) after I came back I wanted so much to have fun here like we did back in France but decided that we are just too different here and it's okay. The trip really did change how I think about many things but for now these fresh thoughts shall belong in my mind only. I love the little conversations I had with people on the chair lifts; people I didn't know and still don't know but feel close to just because we speak the same language. 

It really was home; I cannot think of a better way to describe it or a better reason why despite relationships transient (which plagued me for quite a while zz and still occasionally enters my mind) I will never forget this trip. 

Exams followed and then came weeks of hard-heartedness I am still struggling with, but now I'm certain of those I want to keep in this life and I am determined to focus all my energy on them. Tonight I can safely say that I am still!!! excited!!! to live!!! and am happy!!!! i'm alive!!!!!!

I have surrendered my thoughts because they have been toxic and have let go completely. I used to think it was a good thing I thought so much but now I think it might have ruined me so here I am. 

in other words quote rebecca's friend 
"how many squirrels are there on my roof rn
that is how many shits I give" 

London 23/01-26/01

Very random photo of the bio dept prettied up for UCAS open day 

Special shoutout for 老娘


random reminder to myself: if you don't live for yourself no one will 

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