7 January 2015

I should be very used to taking exams now but I am NOT.... Sitting here with a bowl of wasted cereal because I was too lazy to put my milk back into the fridge/assumed it's cold enough for it not to spoil but APPARENTLY NOT.

I finally decided to turn my heater on the other day but lo and behold either it's stuck or I have 0 real world skills and do not know how to switch it on.

I am sick AGAIN for the 3rd time in 3 months which sucks because I usually only fall sick once a year :((( my immune system I was once so proud of is failing me. Also I'm angry because it's only 1pm and I have an exam at 6pm (also I googled London dispersion forces and it is not what I thought it was which means -3 marks off ytd's paper)(who on earth calls it London dispersion forces ughghhgghghhh).

Yesterday was a good day though because me and Rebecca went to town to study and caf├ęs really work best for me heheh. Talked about some... things... and at the end of the day I was very excited about life. Life is good when u have friends who make u excited to live.

Looking forward to tomorrow bc my last paper is tmr!!!! I think this is why I'm having such a sad time now- the transition from play to study was way too drastic for me to handle (not vice versa I can do the other way any time) because apart from exam time I basically play the rest of the time (o hoho so badass grace congratulations)(play = watching my stupid shows all day err day).

I keep thinking of how id rather be on the brother's sofa wasting my life away and kicking my socks off at 4am (ok sorry sounds irrelevant but I slept with socks when I was there and I always end up kicking them off in the middle of the night and then having to hunt for them the next morning). I think everyone is sick of me talking about the ski trip tho. I think even I am sick of myself talking about it.

It's weird because before our dec break I was all for the 'do what u love' shit and questioning my choice of biomed, all ready to go back to sg and work some happy job earning $1k per month or something but now I feel like that is possibly the stupidest thing I've ever thought of. Glad I've woken up and can't wait for year 2 so I can choose my modules and NOT LEARN ABOUT FUNGI omg I'm not taking bio because I hate plants so don't gimme fungi?!!!! H8


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