2 January 2015


sorry for the sad lack of pictures recently life has been moving too quickly for me to stop and take my phone out.

Dinner last night!!!! With the best anyhow nasi lemak and fried chicken and roast pork and chicken and mash and chapalang chapalang chapalang (sry can u tell what mood I'm in now)(this is my idwtoleavelondon mood).

Here's a photo I couldn't even be bothered to rotate (ok sorry edit: ocd was calling out to me so I rotated it sigh) my 2015 motto is yolo. also that is raw cake in the photo (that I just realised looks suspiciously like CORN PUREE omg I think I had an entire life's worth of corn puree in France)(who even decided corn puree was a good idea)(CORN PUREE???????????)(I'm in France give me some fries or like a baguette or omelette du fromage idk) ahahaha whatever la ya

Started off 2015 with champagne and fireworks on TV and then old songs and nostalgia (ironic now that I think about it). I feel like if I close my eyes today I might wake up in 2017. 

Shake shack with the Ting sisters today!! Congrats another burger before I go back to the land of burgers and sandwiches and burgers and sandwiches (also called York). 

Quote bro's friend "grace why you like every day wear the same thing ah? like UNIFORM sia" soweee

Walked around covent garden for hours (while popping into shops and buying things I shouldn't be buying ahem) and when the sun started setting I suddenly felt so SAD because tonight was my last night here and tomorrow I have to go back to York and start studying STRAIGHTAWAY (am already behind by a few days I'm so dead)(but then again quote all smart yr 2 imperial boys "AIYAH FIRST YEAR ONLY??? STUDY WHAT??? DON'T NEED STUDY LA?????"). 

Am honestly welcoming the solitude I will get from tomorrow onwards and for the rest of the week while everyone is rushing assignments and doing revision. 

I've been thinking and telling everyone I regret not applying to UCL but I don't really know if I regret; I've never been one to regret my decisions (bc regret is the most useless feeling in the world). If I hadn't chosen York my life would be completely different/if I hadn't chosen York I probably wouldn't have met all the people I've met/if I hadn't chosen York I don't know who I'd be today, so I think I don't regret after all.

Also I don't want to be a girl who wears high boots and bright red lipstick (high boots are like the ballet flats of winter)(plain porridge)(omg)(it's like corn puree)(like the hash browns from vanbrugh)(ok but serious question tho why do girls in london all wear high boots and why does it seem like I haven't seen a single pair in york??)(omg are we OUTDATED?? are high boots the in thing now???)(I don't usually care what people wear but I hate those brown boots with the white fur and LACES ALL THE WAY UP)(sorry friend u look like a shaved llama with a leg brace)(bitch mode on)(sorry)(I promise not to be a bitch in 2015)(pinky promise)

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