2 December 2014


I wish some things didn't have to be

sorry sorry 对不起
I hope you're not ashamed of me

Highlight of my day (because I skipped all my lessons today don't tell mummy):

^ advertised for blackmailing purposes

I've been trying to talk to old friends (both close and not-so-close-but-i-still-wanna-keep-in-touch) and am sad that there are so many I have to consciously pluck up the courage to talk to again, even sadder that there are more where I decide to just update myself using their twitter/insta/fb/askfm accounts, saddest when I am completely ignored :-( saddestest when I don't even wanna try anymore to avoid the disappointment. 

but still glad for the close few I can disturb on a daily basis and who can openly ignore me (and vice versa) without either of us thinking anything of it. In the end I guess the pros of social media still vastly outweigh its cons.... 

I guess I've been greatly blessed; I know it but a lot of the time I don't feel it and then when I catch myself whining I feel guilty instead. 

feeling strangely peaceful tonight knowing we may be on different boats, heading in different directions 
but we're still sailing the same sea. 

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