17 December 2014


On the train from Barcelona to Madrid and kinda regretting this because I can't sleep and we still have 8 hours left. :-(((

Looking at pictures from years ago again and listening to songs that mean things in this very quiet coach and feeling nostalgic; hoping that this trip will also be one to look back on.

On another note we met this guy from Singapore who will be travelling Europe for 26 days alone. Guts...... I used to think I would do that but now nah I don't think I have the courage to. ok bye phone has no more batt and I need to try and sleep boo


16/12/2014 12:08




16/12/2014 13:29

On the train back to Barcelona from Seville and the right side of my face is totally blocked. We missed our flight this morning which meant an additional €46 spent but that's ok I guess I think I still believe these things happen for  good reasons.

This trip has been good but my body is giving up on me; my knee hurts and I'm being attacked by what seems like a thousand different viruses and bacteria.

We had McDonald's for breakfast and it felt so good____
I'm really not who I thought I was

Identity crisis pt. 2 commences


17/12/2014 02:27

On the train back to York after missing the train we were supposed to take and missing my family more than ever......... (what am I doing here)


17/12/2014 03:52

Finally back in my room goodnight I am so happy and comfy 

London in a few hours with my spoilt knee (please heal). Looking forward to some burgernlobster heehee

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