27 November 2014

WOW I have not posted anything in 4 days this must be a new record ahhAHHAHaha... ha... ha...

Went to town again yesterday and it's amazing how much more I like being in town compared to being in school. I think compared to other people I'm in town a LOT more, which is probably also why I have no more trips left in my bus card and will have to walk everywhere for the rest of the term.

I don't know how but we ended up shopping again 


Carrying my new monki fries bag hehehehehe luvit (ok sorry in my defence all I bought yesterday was socks)(but new asos package just came today)(oh well)

Anyway I decided that I'm not going to skimp on food anymore because no human deserves that and I will express my gratitude to mummy and papa by using their money on good food. 

Gr8 day today hehe because even though we had a 3-hr practical we were doing gel electrophoresis which meant to had to keep waiting for our gel to set/for the electrophoresis to be done and so much of the time was spent at Cookies sitting on the floor like hobos and talking about life.

Lunch @ James after that (school food is good but VERY EXPENSIVE........ like 5 times the price of school food in sg??) and then to Leon's room where all hell broke loose (ie. Yang screaming at her computer whenever a hot guy appeared on the screen)(seriously) // photobooth fun and singing old chinese songs and english songs I used to listen in primary school (thrOW IT AWAY forGET YESTERday we'll make the GREAAAT ESSSSCAAAPe).

Feeling especially happy and content with life as it is now. It's almost December and like almost every other December I've been looking back on the past 11 months and wondering what exactly I've accomplished and hoping that at the end of it all I've learnt as much as I would've liked to. 

Like everyone says I really really can't believe how fast time has flown and how much things have changed; how all my male friends are proper soldiers now and how almost all my other friends are currently mugging their asses off in NUS/NTU, and some like me who were fortunate enough to fly somewhere else to study (and most not really studying). To think just 1 year ago we were all in the same boat and now our paths have diverged-- not something we are all happy about but also a part of life I have now gotten used to and am glad we got through just fine. 

A's > BKK > Taiwan > Australia > RESULTS!!! > months of not doing anything productive > here

I'm honestly extremely disappointed with how I ended up spending most of my 2014 but I promise I will make up for it!!!!

carpe diem yolo swag bye bye 

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