12 November 2014

Sitting here all wrapped up in my room because I am too lazy to even take my scarf off while pondering the complexities of existence because I feel like my life is starting to go down the road of pointlessness.

Ok grace don't act yi ge deep and complex

I'm so sick of school????????????????????? and lectures??? and practicals???????? and it sucks?????/ uni sucks????? HHAAHAHAHAHAHA sigh

I have back-to-back lectures from 9-6 tomorrow with only a break for lunch so as expected I'm here to complain and whine and wallow in self-pity. Also an ESSAY due on Friday that I have not started on (congrats). In an extreme yolomood now while my coursemates are panicking over the sudden increase in the amount of work we have due though I really should get to work soon...

Can't wait for Spain/Portugal/France at the end of the year wheehehe I really cannot wait for school to end.

In other news (not exactly) my Primark bag from Manchester is still sitting on my room floor untouched and collecting guilt. Realised how much money I spent in the past 2 months and :)))))))) need to stop ya??? :)))))))))))) I keep telling myself this and then a few mins later I'll find myself on asos or something buying something. I am TERRIBLE :(((

Ok but back to me being sick of school; lectures and practicals are beginning to feel completely point/useless which makes me want to skip eVERYTHING. School just feels like this tiny little unimportant part of my life at the moment and tbh I really miss when school was life. SIGH what has AC done to me??? Miss studying in the hub and sleeping in the hub and eating free dinner etc etc etc.

Now my life is back to being filled with korean boys (not that I mind actually, but it makes me feel a bit pathetic)(to be honest)(very very honest)(very)(my real life now has NO BOYS)(as a girl)(this is rather disappointing)(justttt...), so much so I dream of them at night zzzzzzzz yesterday I dreamt I watched a performance of winner performing the opening song for winner tv??????? like I haven't even heard the full song???? is there even one?????? I composed the rest of the song for them in my dREamS???

w0w seriously considering quitting school now I think I might have some hidden songwriting ability. Or applying to be a cleaner at YG.... whatevre it will take for me to become bffs with BI I guess.

(I tried very hard to escape from this shameful past of mine but I failed so now I'm going to embrace it)

(^ saving this for use as lyrics for my future songs)

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