3 November 2014

On repeat in loving memory of Laos

Have a feeling my housemates can hear me singing along and trying to rap but yoloswag I don't care.

Was feeling extra shitty yesterday and crying over the smallest things but I listened to this song and now I can't stop smiling lololol pms hitting me hard :)))))))))))) :((((((((((((((

Went to Nottingham yesterday and it was a great great great dayyyyy. Experimented with my new film camera and my very first roll of film and I'm quite happy with how the photos turned out hehe even though like 10 photos disappeared :((

We also drank bubble tea but sadly my bbt picture is nowhere to be found :( The rest are on FB if you really wanna see!!!

Nottingham was really really one of the happiest days I've had since coming here. So good to see faces I've missed and talk to people who remind me of home/bask in the ~singaporeanness~ of it all. For a moment though I kind of regretted coming to York instead of UCL (can't believe I didn't even apply omg what was I THINKING imperial y u reject me???) or something because honestly I really miss being in a big grey city (something I only discovered after coming here because I always wanted to be cool n hipster and like rustic old towns but it gets a BIT inconvenient and boring sometimes eh), but sigh no room for regret now just need to make the best out of the 3 years I have here!!!! I have the rest of my life to live in a big grey city anyway. 

Was supposed to meet the brother but I was confused and scared and lazy and in the end we didn't get to meet :( but throughout the day I just kept smiling and smiling and smiling and proclaiming to the world how happy I was because... I was..... 

And then maybe because I exceeded my happiness quota on Saturday (I always feel like I actually have a quota which is quite sad ahahahhhahahahaha) on Sunday I was just a sad wreck so this morning I went to class with puffy eyes and zero motivation. 

Ah que sera sera whatever will be will be 

Trying to busy myself and pick up some hobbies again (ok who am I kidding I put "again" to make my past 19.5 years look a bit less pathetic since I never had any real hobbies I was passionate about) and I'm feeling quite happy with myself.

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