16 November 2014

NTS: Be nice without being a pushover.

I'm sitting here with a full pack of custard creams on my lap (sorry I couldn't resist I'm growing very fat right now) feeling sad that York does not have a single slice of sashimi, and also I just woke up from my nap that wasn't supposed to be a nap (I planned to sleep from 7pm-tomorrow but ended up waking up at 11pm so sad). I haven't left my room today and I'm still in my pyjamas. Also I've ignored calls and messages because I just don't feel like it today and am feeling slightly guilty now so all my energy is currently being spent on convincing myself it's okay.

Stayed up still 6am yesterday (today) planning our trip and I'm so proud of us and how efficient we were clap clap clap clap clap. ONLY 22 DAYS LEFT TILL OUR TRIP!!!!! Part of me wishes that like the past few years I'd be going to do some OCIP/mission trip but oh wellz I have my whole life ahead of me to do that.

Sianness is slowly getting overshadowed by excitement woohoo 3 weeks of school left!!!! by next weekend it'll be 2 weeks!!! then 1 week!!!! then 0 weeks!!!!!!!!!111!!! (I seem to always be counting down to something why is this so)

Okay it's 2.40am now and my once-admirable body clock is no more

All the best for FINALS FRIENDS whoever is reading this I notice that you all seem more stressed than when we were doing A-levels so a minute of silence for our lost youth and the fact that we can't go back to those days... but (as the stereotype goes here) because you all are Singaporeans you are the smartest people in the world who will definitely ace whatever test you take and also because you are Singaporean everybody will want to copy your work because it is perfect 11/10 A*** so make sure you finish your work 10 days in advance passion tenacity integrity everybody this is home truly majulah Singapura

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