30 November 2014

Do you know what I hATE about social media so much??????? Do you know what I hate about this generation??????????????

Don't get me wrong I really have a lot a lot of faith in our generation. There are already so many people younger than me who have discovered what they want to do in their lives and have talents I can only dream of. BUT I hate how we say all sorts of stupid things we don't mean but can mean something (sorry incoherent rn can't phrase this properly).

I'm not saying I'm not guilty of this though I believe I do it a lot less than other people (and this isn't exactly a good thing either bc I become a slightly rude awkward turtle)?? In a way it's because I lack a lot of social interaction and don't know how to react to things people tell me but


for example I hate how people feel obliged to say "I miss you too" when I tell them I miss them WHEN U OBVIOUSLY DON'T???????? I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this because I wouldn't know but I ALSO believe I can tell if you really miss me or not (if I can tell jofo misses me I can tell when anyone misses me this is an acquired skill after being friends with jofo HAHAHAHAH)(she didn't even say happy birthday to me on my bday because it was too cheesy)(I had to demand it and eventually she said "huh" "hbd" "like that can")(bff)

I don't even mind if you don't miss me?? I get that you have your own life and don't have the time to be thinking of me and I admit I don't think of my friends and family back home 24/7 either. I'm not expecting anything when I tell you I miss you; I just want to let you know that in that moment I thought of you and wished I were back home in hope knowing it might somehow make you feel better.

Don't say it if you don't mean it because THEN I will expect something. Don't say "miss u too" and disappear from the conversation. You can say "aww" and disappear I don't care but don't say you miss me too

I'm insecure as it is really

Same goes for all sorts of related words like "thankful" and "forever" and "love" and whatnot

probably even "happy birthday"


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