22 November 2014

Feeling a lot of things tonight and I actually posted this without any captions or wdv initially because I just couldn't think of a way to accurately describe how I feel now. Went to town just now with Rebecca and felt so blissful because christmas lights are now up and the saturday crowds excite me (yet another thing I've discovered about myself: I actually like crowds?!!). I don't know why christmas lights evoke such emotions in me; is this normal??? 

Just 10 days of school and 2 tiny assignments away from xmas break!!!

Been thinking about people I've loved (love) but who are no longer are in my life and instead of bitterness I'm feeling extra thankful to them (0 sarcasm intended hahaha) tonight for idk, being there for me to love. While there are words I wish I could take back and situations I wish I had handled better, and most of the time I wish things didn't have to turn out this way, I'm just glad now we had the chance to be once acquainted.

I'm creating a list of food I NEED to eat when back in SG in order of importance and currently mcspicy is at the top of that list followed by TAUHUEY and then lotus root soup zzz. I am so sick of burgers and sandwiches and burgers and sandwiches and burgers and sandwiches and burgers and sandwiches. 

My lips are chapped but my lip balm is not within reach (actually it's about like 1m away but that is not within reach) so tonight I will sleep with chapped lips. 

Also it's only 8.20pm but I'm going to bed byebye goodnight I love you joey cheng (random thought but ya) and jofo too tauhuey soon. 

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  1. tauhuey soon hurrah love u 2 continue to think ++++ and enjoy yourself :^)