28 October 2014

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Maybe it's because school and studying have taken up so much of our lives but I've realised that we really know how find the fun in it all compared to the locals who just want to get it over and done with. When we had our first few practicals I realised that we always ended near to last and I was shocked??? because honestly I thought I was a fast person (HAHA sorry)... but then last week we had to do a practical with this angmoh and she practically scolded us for playing around with the machine (which also made the rest of the session erm a bit awkward).

Maybe that is why I hold my school days so close to my heart and this kind of sucks but erm I don't want to start working. Even though we complain and complain during the term I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that we would rather be back in JC mugging our asses off for A's.

Today we had another med prac and we finished dead last but halfway through while the guys were electrocuting me (literally) I looked around and realised we were the only group that looked like we were enjoying ourselves (tho we were kind of noisy I apologise).


I don't really know what I'm trying to say with this post... I guess I'm just glad I'm finding joy in the little things everyday and I'm glad there are people to do that with me, and because I cannot help comparing/looking back to JC days I'm glad I have and will make good memories here too. When we all graduate I look forward to being able to look back (ok I am weird) on our long lame meaningless talks during practicals and falling asleep in microbio lectures tgt.

I can tell from the looks we get sometimes tho that the angmohs think we are very lame and childish hhahaha because WE ARE LOL but omg can you blame me for giggling when 3/4 of them answered "which organ can grow 20 times its size?" with "penis"????????? NO u cannot blame me. That being said my sense of humour is  also completely different from theirs HHAHAHAH life sux la but I'm dealing with it very well I must say.


I've been trying to deal with a lot of things now that everyone is starting to let their guards down and I'm starting to see my friends for who they really are; that familiar fear of losing people has inevitably returned. Also dealing with people who constantly question my personal choices................... :/ :/

Sorry for the lack of pictures life has been rather mundane (which is a good thing for now)


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