21 October 2014

Slept at 8pm AGAIN yesterday because I was dying so now I'm waiting for the sun to rise so I can go run (this sucks ok because the sun is rising later and later each day :(). Read this article just now and it really put everything I've been feeling into words??? When I first arrived I really couldn't stand being alone no kidding I was a big sad pig all the time... not that I'm one of those super pro-beingalone -therefore-screw-everyone-who-has-friends people now; I don't think enjoying being alone is even related to being social/anti-social, it's just a nice thing to be able to do and since coming here there have been times when I have no choice but to be alone and I'm glad I have gained something out of it :))) 

19/10 which means I've been in UK for ONE MONTH it honestly felt like 1 week. 

Rooftop lunch with Burden, Christine and some other churchie seniors I can't help but be glad are there

Our housewarming gift for that night GAHA it was a good good night but we got back at 12 which is approx. 3 hours past my bedtime (sorry) which is why I had to sleep at 8 yesterday probably. I still don't know how people manage to get up for class the next day even though they get dead drunk the previous night hats off to u. Had a good talk with one of the seniors on the way home about personal choices and friends and it was nice.... (should I go take some vocab lessons????)

Introducing my coursemates (their first appearance on this blog!!!!!!! hurrah) who were risking their lives AND money by penny boarding right beside the smelly lake. Life has been well because of them (I have once again forgotten how to properly construct sentences) and... everyone else related to this post. 

Singsoc on Saturday!!!!! was fun albeit embarrassing..... because I had to act like a dog during blind man's charades... and sleeping beauty..................................... and then when we were going back to heswest the bus felt like a club because everyone but us was drunk and they were singing and stomping and kissing and sitting on each other and ok it was eye-opening (??). 

Still missing home and AC life but the sense of longing is slowly disappearing which is a good good thing ^^^^^^^ Nostalgia minus the sadness is my favourite feeling. Really really looking forward to life here so thank you God I don't know what I would've done without you :') (probably would be back in sg ahahhaaha). Can't emphasise how much I appreciate everyone who has made me feel at home here 

On a side note my bin is starting to stink and I have realised what a gross human being I am. Where is the sun and why do my eggs disappear so quickly life is a big question mark????? (but I'm slowly learning to embrace that as well)(the question mark-ness of everything)

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