18 October 2014

Legitly happy today because I realised I have found people I can be myself around and I rlyrly can't be more thankful for that and them :'))) There are only SO FEW people I can do stupid things around so I really was surprised. I've learnt so much more in the past month compared to the.... rest of the year (ok my laziness is to blame for this one but that's not the point) and I was honestly TERRIFIED before today about surviving here but who would've known I have friends~!~!~!!!!! 

You know that lingering bliss when you part ways after spending a very good time together??? I never expected to feel it this soon but I'm superglad we will be spending the next 3 years together ^^ ^^ ^^ I don't know why I have warmed up to them so quickly maybe it's because it's so good to see people who speak the same language (both literally and... not literally (??)) as I do. 

photo creds to fung

Town with Meng and the Denises on Wednesday where we did very productive shopping and I spent too much (but ok in my defence I bought things that I NEED)(ie. things I think I need), dropped a lot of things and walked into a pole, ate from the burger truck again, bought underwear and did other happy things. 

Classes have been better because I have entertainment during lectures/practicals and in today's practical we spent like half of the time just doing nonsense. Ok funny story the other day the prof projected our names on the screen because we didn't hand up our HW and basically it was all the asians and idk HAHAHA the stereotype is completely invalid here although I'm seriously considering studying tmr because I have nothing to do??? 

I don't know how I'm supposed to express how much happiness/peace I feel now but it's another one of those nights where I don't want to sleep because I don't want this to end/I don't want things to be different when I wake up tomorrow. I've been blessed once again with much much more than I asked for and in a way I never expected nor deserve and now I'm just in awe... I always am in awe when my prayers are answered tbh... grace of little faith ahahahahaa.


Skype with KODE today!!!!! (and briefly poked) which made today an EVEN better day... today was really the best day since school started :-)))) 

Trying not to be afraid anymore because no one has ever regretted taking a leap of faith nor do I have anything to lose; thank You again for never giving up on me or abandoning me tho if roles were reversed (ok this is not possible but just to explain myself) I would have done so a long, long time ago. 

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