26 October 2014

I've been on here too much which is a bad sign for both my social life and my current mental state....

Yesterday I Went Clubbing

with a few siao zha bors and it was fun and I actually was on the dance floor (which is highly unexpected) not dancing just jumping around and singing to the korean songs like I was at a concert. Fun aside though I don't think I will go back to a club (anytime soon) because I felt like it wasn't worth it.... I mean... even besides the fact that it was A THURSDAY NIGHT and I had a presentation this morning.... ???? I was going to abandon sleep when we reached back only at 3am but at 0500 (which is also the worst time ever) I collapsed at my table and couldn't take it anymore. But I'm glad I went anyway it was a gud experience ^~^

It's so amusing to see how things change so drastically every week though... I know every week I post something about being thankful for my friends and it all sounds the same but it just isn't??? Relationships progress so much faster here (probably because everyone is trying) and it seems like every week or even every day I learn something new about someone that makes me appreciate their presence more.

Just now I was talking to a housemate and I asked her why she didn't go for the housewarming last week and she was explaining saying how she didn't have close friends there unlike me (pls continue reading) and I was just like "oh... what is life..." is my head (which is also something I have been saying to myself very often because it sums everything up very well) because to me she was the one who seemed close to everybody.

I can't believe it's almost the end of October which means NOVEMBER is coming and then DECEMBER??? AND THEN 2015????????????? (I realise this is a damn bimbo statement but you get what I mean right)

Ok this post has been opened here for 2 whole days. Yesterday was the hardest day since coming here because my ears rang for literally the entire freaking day and so I slept the whole day trying to get rid of it and then went crazy at night. It's still here but thank God for friends who make things better :)))))))))

Booking my tickets to Manchester for next next sat!!!! Super excites to go back to the green hut ahhaa really a much-needed break from life (sorry it's not that I've been physically very tired I'm just mentally exhausted trying to differentiate the things I really wanna do and the things I'm doing just to fit in and trying not to lose touch with myself trying to be at peace with myself and trust more more more)

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