14 October 2014

Church last Sunday was good though I actually went back to the same one out of pure laziness... I was initially trying not to let the fact that every other Singaporean goes there affect my choice of church but since I'm anti-social and nothing feels as good as home I figured I would feel the most comfortable worshipping there so I think I'm decided :-)

Message based on Colossians 3 made me feel like a bad pig tho so I think I will start trying to be a better person after my year-long hiatus of not trying (sorry I have no excuses I just didn't want to try). 

Spot the horsies (I took this picture without looking at my phone screen cos the sun was so bright which is STRANGE considering....)

THE FOG WAS LIKE THIS IN THE MORNING??? but I actually am enjoying the unpredictable weather here; the rain never gets heavy enough to annoy me and the sun... is always... welcome.... 

Mini study sesh with DEEnise/me chionging my essay on why I chose to do biomedical science (there is no other reason besides the fact that I like it so I don't know how I managed to write 500 words on that but I did good job grace)

There are a lot of things I'm feeling and a lot of things I feel like I want to say but there is no way (or rather I don't have the ability) to express any of it in words. I feel like things are finally settling down but at the same time if this is what things are going to be like for the whole of the next year (and even beyond) I'm not sure if it's what I want. On the other hand I just CAN'T WAIT for myself to get used to this life??? Every time I catch myself worrying I feel guilty because I know I shouldn't.... zz

????????????????? this is the perpetual state of my brain ???????? it is always ??????????????? ? ? ? ? ??? ? ?? ? ? ?? ?? QUEstion mark????

I don't even know why I come here anymore I don't even know what to type half the time. I'm trying to avoid thinking about tomorrow's timetable because it is grOSS. Okay but truthfully if I didn't have so many classes I wouldn't know what to do with all my free time either so I guess it's okAI. I just came back from my second octopush training and I don't know how to feel I just want to sleep but I need to unpack (OK SORRY IT'S NOT THAT I HAVEN'T UNPACKED I JUST HAVE too many clothes I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO PUT SO I JUST THROW THEM BACK INTO MY CONVENIENTLY still OPENED LUGGAGE so now there's just this mountain of clothes in the middle of my floor) and do homework (maybe). 

but WHY ARE ANGMOHS SO KANCHIONG??? I ask myself this question everyday because each time I look around the lt and see everyone taking notes (even at today's history of science lecture) I get the shock of my life because I always had the impression things wouldn't be as competitive here.

I don't know

So tired

Miss AC so muchhhhhh

Okay random story today I went over to Denise's block and she put our cooked carbonara (sauce and all) into a pot with dishwashing liquid in it so we had to throw everything and cook another batch. Also I really feel like eating bak kut teh it's like everyday I crave a different type of food I CANNOT GET HERE and then for a few moments I will feel like dying because I need a mcspicy or ckt.

Also last Saturday we went to Nicole's house and ate bbb and watched running man and it was a good good 幸福 foggy night heh :-))) Despite my worries I'm actually very very excited for what life has in store me. I realised I'm really good at whining but I'm not so good at describing how happy I am sorry if my blog posts recently have been whiny I'm actually very happy :-)))))))) It's just nice to have somewhere where I can pen down my concerns because it helps me sort my thoughts out and decide on how to resolve them.

Feeling overwhelmed tonight good night and to those I lav I lav u I hope life has been treating you well and I miss u I really do.



Thank you for always being there and listening to my lame rants and persuading me that things will be fine (I hope you know I acknowledge now that you were right haahHAHAa). I hope school has been good and you will grow and grow and grow more through everything that comes your way!!! No matter where the current pushes you don't forget you always have us behind you ok??? I know this year has been one of the toughest for you and I can't imagine how I would brave through everything if I were to experience the same thingsssss 爱你多多想你更多 Need to prac my chinese while I'm here if not cfm forget 

(Happy birthday to u too hy)(thank u for being my friend)(and for not daoing me all the time)(and for bitching with me)(jy in army)(all the best)(yo)

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  1. tanks tanks hehe thanks for making my friday more interesting (all I did today was to procrastinate ugh)