2 September 2014

^ Random snapshots of what I've been up to the past few days (or weeks... I have lost track of time completely because it's moving wayyy tooooo fasssttt)-- mainly meeting up with people I will miss, playing around with my new mac, gaining weight and finally getting excited over flying over. PLUS new (old) fav 아빠 어디가 (think like 5 episodes on end which translates to oNLY abOUt... 7.5 hours) and searching Amazon for the cheapest possible point-and-shoot film camera which is part of my ever-growing secretly-buy-using-mummy's-money list (I am a horrible child sorry)(then again there are ones going for <$20!!!! not so horrible right)(okay actually there are only 2 things on this list so far please don't hate me).

Life has been better (ie. I am feeling more emotionally stable now hhhHAHAHHA) albeit lonely which is fine now because I'm starting to rediscover how good solitude can feel which is reassuring because when school starts I'll be able to go on trips by myself comfortably and I'm so exxxxccitedddd!!! The cat attacked me the other day which I took as a sign that she is fine without me so I don't feel as sad leaving her behind anymore. Ok actually this was accompanied by a lot of research on whether pets go to heaven and I have concluded that they do so... I just hope I get there too?? AHAHHA k bye 

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