6 September 2014

Life has been a complete whirl which is ironic considering all I did today was sit on my ass from 11am (which is also coincidentally (eh) the time I woke up) to 4pm and then use my computer until dinner time... and now I'm here reading my friends' secret blogs (maybe not meant to be secret but then again not ~promoted~ so I assume they are secret)(***NOR PRIVATED***).

The past few days were spent appreciating amk central for everything is has ie. buying whole boxes of 0.38 refills because I am determined I will fail all my exams if I use any other pen (7 years of loyalty and counting), instant noodles and bkt packets, cheap 3-in-1 hair-face-body shampoo-soap (???) for future lazy days, SANITARY PADS because UK pads cannot be trusted etc etc etc.

For the rest of the time I spend at home staring at the countdown on my phone (15) and wishing time would just pass faster because this period is like... it's too early to start meeting people for the last time and too late because it would be too much to meet them more than once in 2 weeks? I don't know, something like that, you geddit.... but ok to make it clear I usually meet people whenever I want to but uni is really in the way nowadays and what kind of selfish bitch would I be if I ask someone out 2 weeks in a row??? like they have their own lives too right????

So bored and lonely... 
Actually more than wanting to meet the people I've been hanging out with this year I really just miss how things were from end 2012 to end 2013 :( and I realise I'm always talking about the things I miss here but I caN'T HELP it bro it's not that I'm not content now I just wish certain things could stay the same. I don't know the real reason behind me saying all of that here but it makes me happy to be able to type everything out and look back on each moment (while smiling at the computer like a crazyman)...

Okay la sorry for making you read all that rubbish but the point of this post is to promote myself because I just made an askfm account here because I like to answer questions and feel popular. ~send~me~some~hate~
(it's totally empty because that is exactly how famous I am)

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