26 September 2014

It's been a week since I arrived in the UK and I wish I could say everything was fine but now that I'm alone and mummy/brother are still within reach there's nothing nothing nothing nothing in this world I miss more than home in amk :'( I know and hope this will pass but it's suddenly sinking in that I really will be away for quite a long time.

Today while we were having icebreakers (I was awksHIT man) 2 other Singaporeans were saying how happy they were to be able to escape from the country/telling everyone else how bad it is to be living there and idk home is home and I will always love it for the memories I have there and for the memories I. am. going. to. make. there. I really really love u SG :'(((

No pics cos I'm a sad pig

I'm trying to be optimistic omgggg this is so hardddd ahahahhahahaahahahahahathisismypainfullaughahahha

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  1. Don't think too much/overthink just enjoy your time there! Once school starts officially (lessons and all) you'd be too busy to think also! And there's always Skype rmb!!! (joeychenggg; add me!!)