29 September 2014

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Being anti-social again after spending 45 mins like a dumb person sitting in the kitchen filled with my angmoh housemates. Call me Grace Awksies Png but I'm glad that I tried and I'm really not fond of the idea of faking an accent or pretending to like the same things because after 19 years I have no more energy to try to be someone I'm not (I sound like I'm making excuses not to socialise HAHA and actually I am but at the same time I'm very comfortable with just making friends along the way and juz ~going with the flow~ instead of doing things I'm uncomfortable ok long story short:

suffering from culture shock with (somehow, unexpectedly) no desire for recovery.

I've spent the bestbestbestbest past week getting myself ready for life here and I will miss my family sooooooo muchhhhh :'( I miss our family trips the most and suddenly I don't really wanna be here for a whole 3 years... like when I'm sitting there with them there's this little thing in my head telling me that they will all be leaving me in like 3 days and omg it's so torturous okay.

OKAY enough moping it's not as bad as I make it out to be and I'm determined to enjoy myself and I will I just need to stop missing home (which is normal right??? riGHT?????)

Spent 5 days in Manchester with one of the greatest role models ever and I wish I could go to church in Manchester every week but too far and expensive sighZ sadface.

I actually didn't want to be there initially because talking to people who speak with an English accent (NO MATTER WHICH TYPE) is a feat and I wanted to minimise having to do it but despite our er, slight communication barrier (this is gonna sound cheesy) their love really shone through and I think that's what surprised me the most because I haven't felt such love from people much... out of 5 days we went to church/had prayer meetings/bible study 4 days and I DREADED it then but when I think back we couldn't have spent the time in a better way. 

To put it very simply/frankly/(explaining my feelings like a kid would) they are the few people who make me want to make it to heaven eventually and I am very very happy they will be going to heaven..... (I warned you)

Liverpool with Mummy/Uncle Sam and Aunty Maria and Esi!!! Twas a good good day trip down and once again I'm so thankful to have them taking care after me while in the UK :')))) Looking forward to any chances I have to go down to Liverpool/Manchester again hehe 

Making a little video because I took a thousand other littler videos while in Liverpool I shall post here later.... (ok edit my videos are screwed up I'm so anGWY...) 
I'm too lazy to upload my pics so I unprivated my instagram (@_gpng) >>>>>> which you can follow but at your own risk because I post... like... whenever I want... and sometimes... I like... spam... a bit... 

Trying my very very best to focus on the pros and not the cons of what's to come and this too shall pass 

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