11 August 2014

I really don't know what to say about camp so I shall.....

Korean bbq buffet with the famz which was next to pasarbella which meant ~*~*tiramisu*~*~

FAV noodles and xlb and white fishy thing @ Paradise Dynasty with jofo my expensive food buddy (ewf for TEA TIME, korean bbq, nihon mura, lola's, etc etc etc it's 1am recalling these things is very very tiring for my old man brain)

Wild Honey with my future therapist (ironically one who probably needs a therapist herself HAHA ok jokes) one day before work so I spent a full 2 hours complaining about how it was gonna be the end of my life before quitting after 2 days 

Strictly pancakes!!! with the CT after forever and I finally can appreciate pancakes (so much more worth it getting a plain stack!!). Ice cream after that and last CT with Gilliannnnn 

(okay sorry I have forgotten how exactly to blog I don't know what to say after each of thesE FOOD PICTURES so you get a few awkward captions...)


Hello pls I was so excited about this stupid boat I thought I finally had something army-related to talk about to my friends but NO NOBODY REACTED I was so sad okay life is so tough

Breakfast on the rooftop every morning of YA camp (which I somehow miss quite a lot though half the time I wanted to go home...) with nice wind nice view and SIBEI HOT SUN 

Live band that sang ENGLIS(h) MAN IN NOO YOKE and amused me so much on the last night ahahhaha

Dinnertime view (getting so annoyed with my captions but feel so empty if I don't put any)(t0ugh l1f3...)

Food and scenery aside (okay speaking of food do you know how much I ate it was unbelievable I can't even think of a period of more than 2 hours when I did NOT have food in my mouth) I surprisingly survived through all the lessons (not that I'm very uninterested I just can't seem to survive well through ANY lesson) and really wanted to cry at certain points hahahahaaa......

but I'm still very confused about a lot of things and this time there's none of that ~spiritual high~ I usually get after these camps/trips which is probably a good thing because I think it means I'm more sure about the things I believe in and fake highs are actually slightly harmful but then again everything in life is two-steps-forward, one-step-back so I hope I'm not actually just... yknow... walking backwards.............. there are a lot of things that have changed/desires that have been renewed but for now I'm just gonna try and make myself take the leap again after a very, very, very long time (baby steps)(luv contradicting myself)(step one lit pro).

Walked through a little part of this village to get to church on Sunday and it brought back soooooo manyyyyy memories of tuao and I was so BLOODY HAPPY to be there!!!!!!!!! Everything just felt so peaceful and halfway through this little girl sat next to me and sang her lungs out + the rain made everything feel even better + uncle Brandi's sermon which made me wanna cry again ++++++++ it was an A+ Sunday I did not want to leave (back to awkward statements again).

Okay bye I told myself I had to sleep by 2 now it's 0207 and I have failed myself yet again goodnight 

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