25 August 2014

I have reached a fine point in my life where I no longer feel it necessary to post about everything is happening in my life (which I used to do because I really wanted to document my happy days and not-so-happy days) but all of a sudden it all feels so meaningless and pretentious really (the previous sentence was also pretentious but what to do my whole life is just me being pretentious). Mainly because after deciding to reset and restore my brain (and subsequently a big part of my life) I realised I just don't feel like sharing any details of my relationships with the people I love because they are precious to me, they are things that are precious enough to be shared between just the 2 of us, and because I don't want our friendship to be shaped or influenced by what I post and write about in any way (I don't have a boyfriend............................. even though I sound like I'm talking about one............).

So maybe I have not "reached a fine point in my life" (juz another pretentious way of me phrasing things yknow yknow) because this realisation didn't exactly like form itself slowly over the 19 years of my life but rather almost overnight, so what has been blogged about will remain but I think I will be keeping most of it to myself (and my very exclusive instagram ahem ahem).

Anyway I say all this rubbish but somehow I think it's very important for me to post this so you know I'm just talking nonsense. I just like to use this space to make sure I haven't forgotten how to speak English. sOrry for wasting your time tick tock tick.

(ok it's mostly rubbish and sentences prettified to sound like how I like them to sound (what a pretentious little shit I am) but I was being serious about changing the things I post here... just not as serious as I make it out to be)(rmb)(pretentious is my middle name)

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