7 August 2014

Hey ho I'm listening to this playlist I made with all our bacc service songs (why do I do things like this) and feeling glad all over again that I went to AC. Also wishing that we could go back to almost exactly one year ago when I decided results didn't matter at all and thus commenced night after night of going crazy in school, wahchee dinners, spending hours analysing our own personality types just because we needed an excuse to not go back to our books....

Okay I actually went back to read my posts one year ago and apparently 16 August 2013 was "the most productive day of my JC life" because it was our last PE lesson and we played soccer and then I completed a math paper in 3.5 hours AND a chem mcq and made 2016 Korea plans with XT........... (this is why I even bother blogging.... because nostalgia is both my best friend and worst enemy) Feeling sad that it's all over and no matter how much we meet up now we can never go back but it is!!! ok!!! because!!! we shall not cry because it's over!!! but smile because it happened!!!!

Today I slept like 15 hours (and it's only 5pm) and soon I will be on a ferry going back to Batam for young adults camp where I realised I should not be because young aDULT???? WHAT DO you mean ADULT?????///? but anyway this is a legit concern of mine and I'm quite scared that things will be awkward and I will be left alone in a corner to weep over my childish ass self.

Do I have any photos to post???? Yes I do and it's all food because that's the only thing in my life now worth taking pictures of (mainly because everybody else is at o'week and do I sound bitter? I swear I'm not bitter)(I am. A bit) but I'm too lazy so I shall tell my story of how I worked at Raffles Place for 2 days and decided that HHAHAA NOPE I CANNOT DO DIZ and quit with a cup full of guilt, the strongest resolution to never EVER do that kind of work again and a strange pity for all business students who eventually regret doing business (if you don't regret tho then MEGA RESPECT for you and thank you for clearing all my cheques and giving me insurance).

Okay I just realised I'm leaving for Batam in 1h++ AGAIN and I haven't even posted about my PREVIOUS Batam trip and I really might not be cut out for this whole blogging thing............ (okay actually it's because I just started using vscocam to edit my photos again and my poor old man phone just can't handle it when I try to export many (ie. more than 1) pictures so everything is just stuck in the app)

So hhahahahahaahaha bye bye next one ok

*WHAT A POINTLESS POST..........................

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