6 July 2014

okay before I start I need to get this out

I AM IN LUV but this will remain a dirty little secret between me and you ok????????? I want to marry all of them.


Kitty is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I've ever had a prayer answered so directly (maybe because I'm not used to making such blatant requests ahhaha) and when I heard her meow my heart did all sorts of little dances and I felt so ashamed and guilty and happy and thankful at the same time so rlyrlyrly thank u God for showing me once again that you are indeed above all (when I needed it most) and for bringing my bestest friend home :')))))) 

Woke up that day and was like possessed to go out to search for the cat again despite our futile efforts before and pulled Germaine along with me because I needed her ears. We were already on the way home but decided to stop and check the place where meow's boyfriend went to the night before and then Germaine heard her meoWING BUT WE COULDN'T SEE her because she was in the sewage drain???? So I started screeching with joy because we found her and pulled the whole family down to rescue her and eventually this construction worker (aka my hero) took off the drain cover and voluntarily went down the shit hole to look for her and soon all was well again ^^^^^^^

Photo spam in no particular order:

My ultimate bojio lone movie experience (which was magical except for girl beside me who giggled everytime AuGUStus Waters opened his mouth)

(geddit geddit hehe ok actually I don't even listen to blink-182)

The sour mountain of attempted elderflower cupcakes (which just turned out to be sour vanilla cupcakes) Chloe and I randomly decided to bake one day

Before the grossest butt-to-butt twitch happened


(Pic stolen from the birthday girl herself)(내 style 내 swAGGER???!!)(this is too much)

HAPpy birthday to my duck and friend of er a lot of years I think 9 heeeheeeheeeee chapalang group because what is a birthday not spent with the people you love most??? Chapalang and many awkward (read: osTRACISED ahahahaa ok jk) moments but still a fun fun day with korean food and xmen and smoothie king and nenepop and vulgar balloons a nd GO VJ GO VJ GO!!! ^~^ (omg say something was playing the entire time I was typing this)

HPBD to yet another friend of many years!!!!!!!!!! The biggest non-offensive bimbo I have ever known HAHAHAHh had a good time with twelve cupcakes and inappropriate conversations + good catch up with qy who is actually very nice to talk to + got some things off my chest + juz a very 幸福 night (omg ok pause XSCL PLAYING NOW HELLOW ITUNES U GOOD)  complete with percy and lexus and exciting days ahead of us. 

Ok now for sad update: I have gained 3kg over the past 10 days and I am upset 

This is like just half of it

But finally!!! kway!!! chap!!!! with all 4Gs and the birth givers!!!!!

And to make things worse and make me fatter....

This is a terrible photo and also the only one we have

Dinner with half of my smartass proteins over old airport road fats discussing uni plans (what else) and sat next to this nice doctor couple who overheard us talking about medicine and started telling us about what it's like to work in a real hospital etcetc (always nice to meet nice strangers ^^)/ so good to finally meet the people who survived 1.5h lessons (esp with Mr Tan omg I M GLAD I don't have to attend his lessons anymore they were so stressful) with me and chose to make stupid sick bio jokes on whatsapp the night before A's instead of study ("TIME TO FUSE YOUR GAMETES"...).

Home and I've been sitting here typing this and my ass is damn numb now + happy conversations with 2 of the most precious people in my life who are not exactly there but also always always there/I never need to worry if they care because I know they do :-))))) (thank u bros)(ho?) Late night convos never fail to cheer me up (not that I was sad before but now I'm more.. cheery) 

I really hate this hashtag but... #blessed I can't express in words (ultimate lazy cheesy description) how it feels to be able to feel so warm and fuzzy again. 

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