15 June 2014

(PLs internet don't give up on me you can die once I'm done with this post but please don't let go yet I need you)

Birthday dinner with the birth givers and most important people in my life (and the people who have watched me grow and guided me through the !!!19!!! years of my life and never gave up on me) muackles 

Dinner @ Swensens with free birds and the second most important people in my life

Dinner @ IKEA with Chloe (who is also a v important person in my life...) and mindless shopping after that with the usual madness including me leaving my wallet on one of the beds and both of us running around like crazy women flipping blankets and digging through sofas and me laughing like my life is gonna be over (would've been if I hadn't found it)


Helped at some kids education fair which meant selfies with mascots and free ice cream and candy floss and balloons and lots and lots and lots of kids!!! Entertained a few kids outside the seminar room for 2 hours while mummy was giving her seminar and was so lost and made such a mess (plus this ultra bossy girl kept scolding the other kids and told me that she won't take the sweets I was giving her because "sweets are bad for your teeth" and that she's going to have "a salad with a bit of fries" for lunch and we were just like okAY do what you want???) but half-jap kids melted my heart with their origami and all was well.

So amazing watching 3-year-olds learn so quickly and witnessing their sneaky looks of triumph when they manage to complete a shape faster than their older sibling(s) heheeeheee or their VICTORY CHANTS when they actually solve something ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Almost died after hours and hours and days of e
xplaining and playing the same games over and over but nothing more satisfying than a super dry mouth and an aching back.

Paradise Dynasty with my butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After FOREVER..... 6 longs of XLB PLUS noodles and fried rice and dessert and pre-dinner macarons = very happy tummies especially for Srija who tried xlb for the first time in her life!!! So happy for her and her stomach ;)))) Good catch up and talk about boys (ha) and the future and so excited for this friendship too. 
Instax selfies in front of the SIA logo with naked xt winks 

Bday gift from geoggies and had the worst time trying to suppress my laughter on the bus home but I failed and eventually :'))) Really missed autistic times and ac while reading everything and reminded me how these were the people who stuck to me and pulled me through 2 years of hating teachers, crying over hopelessness, falling down the stairs in front of half the school and (PUSHING ME SO HARD I FELL DOWN NO THANKS TO U ADELINE SEAH).... meow's lectures and *tutorials* in j1. 
Missed the laos team too thanks to xt and srij and siuhoi but so so glad I decided to go because it was one of the bestest decisions I have ever made in my life and what I would do to go back again with the same team especially my tay van and :'( 

Two very very very precious years of my life I'm glad none of us gave up and two of the years I learnt most about being a person and had my heart softened and hardened but softened again thanks to all the people who came into my life (thank q mr sum I will never ever ever ever ever forget how you trusted me with that A (which made me so stressed I hated consults LOL) which I didn't get but you were still happy for me anyway. tho u may be a sassy thing once in a while I choose to rmb you as someone who taught us to never stop trying because other people don't even have the chance to) and 

idk................ 2 years of chapel and eye-opening experiences really helped to burst the bubble I was living in and taught me so much that I wrote a letter a few weeks ago to myself 10 years from now reminding myself of the things 19y/o me valued and believed in (ok screwing up my tenses here but cbb) like how love comes before many many things eg. how comfort and support can't always be found in bible verses and wwjd advice but in just ears and sometimes even shoulders. 

uh anyway

ANDanz with none other than my SECONDARY SCHOOL FRIENDS!!! Really really good concert and I really really enjoyed it more than almost every other dance concert I've been to (picking out the basic contemp dance moves and confirming with chloe + dancing along to malay dance which i rlyrly love HAHAH) and ALMOST CRIED when they did their 2011 SYF item omg it was the best performance I've seen live EVERRRRRRRRR......... and I don't even particularly enjoy chinese dance so omg well-earned GWH :') (I rmb when we were in the avt and all the dancers just started crying and screaming wow memoriezzz..) 

Dinner at FFT with buddy who's back AGAIN from Dublin and is officially halfway through to becoming Dr. Ting!!! Pancakes and pumpkin soup cos her teeth painful LOL while I ate my fish burger which was so bad but it has always been about the company and not the food so all was good :-))) 

New excitement that didn't use to be there because the last time we met I didn't know which uni I was going blabla but now I know and we'll be in the same country (ok not same country but we'll both be in UK....) and talking about trips to Amsterdam and Greece and all!! the!! fun!! things!! that!! could!! happen!! in!! the!! next!! year!! and i forgot what i was going to type so ya

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Passed my BTT AND feeling like the smartest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!11 I'm hopeless I was even more nervous for it than I remember being for any of my A level MCQ papers and I kept thinking if I can get 37/40 for bio mcq and I FAIL BTT WHAT WILL THAT MAKE ME........................ a worthless man that's what

Life is finally finally moving on and now I have driving lessons to keep me occupied (I think I'm not even sure if i'm starting lessons here) but soon everyone will be off to their uni camps soon school will start for everyone else and soon I will be very lonely but


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