23 May 2014


Recently my life (ie. the past 10 days) has just been maths day after maths day followed by relieving tuition and getting slayed by my kids, impromptu suppers and hanging out with boys mostly (livin the slut life), long 4-hour talks and catch-ups with friends I hope I never lose, hours spent on Spotify trying to find songs I like (most of the time to no avail), more hours spent of Tumblr until 2am everyday, monologues on whatsapp (this is not new), rereading TFiOS and hugging my kindle crying and spending large parts of my days wanting but not wanting to like it, GOING TO WAR WITH THE SMELLY CAT EVERYDAY trying to put her eardrops into her infected ear and maybe the most important development would be I think I've decided which college to stay at in uni and talking about this gives me butterflies more like the huge moths that are everywhere now.

> I watched a video made by the uni just now and almost cried because I didn't understand half the things they were saying because... .ACCENT......... . . . and now I'm so scared I won't make any friends cos we won't be able to understand each other HAHAH also failing all my exams because I wouldn't have any idea what the teacher is saying.

Also fun fact: I dreamt last night that charmander died in a fire (like of all things it has to die in a FIRE R U kidding me brAIN) and its trainer was like beside me moaning about how all the training has gone to waste and idek man I don't even play or watch pokemon.... just that bulbasaur (sp??) and squirtle and charmander (and pikachu) played a tiny part in my childhood cos.... pokemon monopoly (but still why would I dream of them??????).

(ok my modern fam is done but I can always dl more episodes right rightrightright???)

Currently I am crying over the fact that Troye and tYLER ARE in the same country as me (dis TINY ISLAND) but I am 1. too lazy to go find them 2. too poor to buy YT fanfest tickets 3. not worthy of being able to see them 4. scared this is going to lead to a downward spiral into the world of obsessive fangirling (been there done that #noragrets) but mostly thanking God Dan is not here or I will very possibly not go home for the next 4 days.

Okay pics for the sake of it


Intense 4-hour Maths day at GESP and discovering that maybe I don't hate/am not too bad with kids after all.... butt and thighs and back ached like crazy the next day though so I think I need to get a bit fitter before I decide I want to be a mother (#planningahead)

Dinner at Ikea after impromptu shopping at some cotton on outlet store where I bought a raincoat with lightning bolts all over it (for $10 cMOn) secretly while Chloe was in the fitting room so I would be able to avoid her judgey eyes but it didn't work cos she came out right when I was handing my card over to the guy and she did her whole SERIOUSLYICAN'TBELIEVETHISIDON'TEVENKNOWWHATTOSAY thing to me. 

Mirror pics because we are 2 teenage girls


Went swimming at the swimming complex with Jofo which is if you think about it kinda stupid cos we each have our own pools 2 mins from our doorsteps but O WELLLL....... it actually felt good swimming in the salty urinefied sweatified salivafied pool through fallen leaves and lost contact lenses while bumping into old men with trunks that are maybe as old as they are (ok starting to sound sarcastic but it was really nice because the sun was shining bright and felt good and the pool was longer so it felt like we were really exercising although we did a grand total of 16 laps each).

And then of course because we exercise to eat nihon mura after that (also because food is a must when out with Jofo) and we burstED.

(oka just realised I never finished mf season 4 but just torrented 10 eps of season 5 what am I doing???)


Nothing just wanted to show off my new shoes

(I wore this to tuition and when I asked the girl what she learnt at the end of the lesson this was her response: "TODAY I LEARNT THAT ANGLER FISH HAVE THAT LIGHT THINGY TO ATTRACT THEIR PREY AND THAT YOU HAVE THE WORST. FASHION. SENSE. EVER!!!!" (note the caps cos she screamed this in my face gOD THESE TWELVE-YEAR-OLDS) and I swear I was not affected at all and did not feel insecure about this for like 2 days after)

Playground with rising musicians and spot the difference

On Monday I woke up at 1130 and slept again at 1300

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