13 May 2014

Hi :-)

So happy now :-)

If I died tomorrow I would have no ragrets :-)

Feeling fearless :-)))))

Finally went for CT on Saturday andd.... as much I dread it sometimes it never fails to make my heart feel a little lighter no matter how light it feels previously :-)

HAAAAAAAAA :-))))))))


Happy birthday~!~!~!~!~!~!~ to two great burdens in my life HAHAHAHA kidding

Don't you love how unglam and awksies this photo is I love it

Met with my srijuice at nex after hoboing for the longest time ever at the library and time with srijuice is always time well spent because she is errrrr an autistic bitch HAHAHAHAH but I lab u much much srij :-* for being my fellow autistic bitch and sharing my... disinterests. .... . .. . .. . 

FinAlLy met with my precious (ha haha though not v precious when we were in sec sch) guides after like 2 whole years today and laughed and talked about what everyone our age is talking and laughing about. Met with Jiaqi first because both of us were late oops and then walked around town for 1 hour because the rest chose to eat somewhere where they had NO recEpti0n?!!!! so we couldn't find them and it felt like karma was getting back at us for always sneaking off to other places during guides HAHAHHAA sigh missing MA AISYAHHHH :(

But it felt so good to finally get over the bitterness I engulfed myself in right after graduating from sec sch and finally see the good Anderson did to me.......... like opening up my eyes to the world and appreciating that those maybe not as fortunate to have supportive families or the chance to study like us are no less valuable because they are people who have the biggest hearts :-)))) + good friends who made me laugh and laughed with me and foot drills and archery/shooting modules and knot tying and tent-pitching and training camps.... all the things I never knew I would miss. 

2200 Tauhuey (and sushi and raspberries) and playground with medhy where we met sy and teemoteesee and a little bit of catch up is always nice even tho we got ditched by sy......
00....11 Got off my bus in the middle of nowhere and walked back to prata and waited till 0130 for our prata with twanghy 
0930 next morning (ACTUALLY 0948 cos YA) BCM and awfully choc with medtwang (WOW 4C1 P&C MUCH) + grrrrrrrrrrrRRRrrRace and sending autistic voice recordings to... everybody 
1530 bball while I melted in the sun and rokeby with twanghy >> home and COLLAPSED wow I feel like I ran a marathon 

Slept at 3 after prata even tho I got home before 2 (er)(ha ha...) thanks to autistic convo with Gladys and........


i'M So disgustingly happy today 

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