2 May 2014


Bangkok with half the family including gErmAine who is still the crazy (if not more crazy) girl she is

with my new country road duffel and mango sticky rice everyday and ************AFTER YOU TOAST************* and bitter thai beer and cheap food that never disappointed (I have a thousand other pictures I took when we were there but pls refer to some posts ago where I said editing pictures are a huge pain in the ass).

Very not your typical bkk trip because we didn't step into platinum mall at all and I bought a $40 dollar jacket (which is about 10 times the average price of a piece of clothing you usually get in bkk) and a pair of doc martens (which is more than 10 times the average price of shoes you usually get in bkk)(perks of traveling with parents) and a dress and a romper and that's about it yes blabla eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep sleep sleep

Rushed straight to the playground with mango sticky rice to find poketuplets right after landing in sg and dumping all my stuff at home with cooperative parents who zoomed me over :') Late night playground talk yet again but this time beside the swings (not that I remember anything we talked about)


Thrifting in geylang with jofo on one random hot tuesday afternoon and because I was in a thift shop I bought 5 plates for the sake of it (TWO DOLLARS...) and later when I showed mummy them she said they were the exact plates she used when she was studying in uk!!!!!!!!1!!  Super shameless shopping throwing our bags in one corner and trying clothes on over our clothes in front of all the men in the shop...... heh

Super pretty ahma shirts I was so tempted to buy but surprisingly there are times I am capable of talking myself out of doing such things and so I eventually didn't (also quote jofo "the people who owned this are probably like dead by now")

Jane Eyre and Boy now part of my old book collection (which is like damn big like I have a grand total of 2 books now)

Walked past lots of girls with umbrellas and really high heels and really sheer clothing too

Quiet bus ride back to tpy because sun was hot and so were we and trying on clothes is EXERCISE. Hoboed at MOF with our bad drinks (which was a blessing in disguise cos then we had a reason to stay in the restaurant for like 3 hours doing nothing) before hy came and we continued hoboing at the amkhub fountain.... pepper lunch with twang and L0TS OF 3G FUN!!!! ^^ ^^ ^^

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND because we cannot go 2 days without seeing each other


XLB@DTF and good dessert with poked and just poked (for the first time since idk FOREVER) and I will never ever stop craving xlb... right now if I had to choose to eat one food only for the rest of my life I will choose xlb sluRP (because it's 0019 and I didn't eat dinner and slept like 16 hours today so I can't think straight).
Library after that with my mineral water my computer and me and finally finished writing my personal statements and applying for scholarships!!!!! (apps round 2 after UCAS zz) Spent 3-4 whole hours typing and deleting and typing and deleting before finalising and woOOHooo no more such apps for at least the next year maybe ^~^


Night cycling with byn

Started the night off with jofo's dinner @ subway and then learning about jofo's new bf while in the cab otw to ecp GAHAHA

Rented our bikes just in time and set off for the jetty that I couldn't miss because ..MY CHILDHOOD........ Stopped for a while and looked at the stars and listened to the waves/ate timtams and figs/hoboed before heading to runway which was ER NEVERENDING

Brief 那些年 moment sitting at the breakwater before the cockroaches emerged and nopenopenopenopneopneopenopenope butts back on bikes and by now me and jofo's butts were alr giving up on us but NO we are strong women and so we endured and never gave up.

Actually I was really looking forward to the runway because it's cool to ride alongside planes taking off but after awhile the pain takes over and nothing is cool anymore

Runway conquerors

!!!!!!NASI LEMAK!!!!!!! at changi village which was so good omg I can't look at this nowaskdjlkajhd. (Nasi) lepak with cold beer and good food and nuts figs timtams before going back to changi beach where we had 5 hours to spare (too fit cycle too fast too much time to kill #ha) so bridge/cluedo (new fav game)/kindle/sleep on bbq pit tables (not really cos too hard too itchy)

Hungry boys left at 5 to go eat leaving me and jofo so we talked and talked and talked till they came back with kaya toast and then


oK I actually have like a million photos of the sunrise but you could just google sunrise and get another 5 million pictures that look the same as mine so here is modeleon for u 

One of our 20 failed selfies 

那些年 moment #2 spoilt by damn anticlimax music and dancing twang and then the sun refused to hurry up and we had to return our bikes by 9 so before we even got to see the sun off jofo and I went on our bikes (because we too slow for them sobs).

Chionged like a mad woman cos I couldn't wait to get to the end of the runway and for awhile I was all by myself listening to the planes beside me and pro cyclists zooming past/birds singing in the trees and cool morning air and all was well and happy and suddenly GRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE and a wild hy appeared right behind me and goodbye peace.

Brief stop at jetty again where the guys starting to do PT like the crazy asses they are before returning our bikes and going over to burger king to freeze under the aircon and bridge/cluedo/chermaine came after getting lost/sy came and we left like 10 mins later all smelly and sleepy and tired but happy.

Ass torturing and sleep depriving but one of the nights I will never never forget because I always wanted to go night cycling and I watched the first sunrise of my life with my favourite people in the world/One of the nights I will revisit the most when things get tough and lonely when I finally go to UK and I am sosososo glad we got this chance and I'm sorry jofo for always dragging you on my smelly adventures but we are always worth it and you know it ;)

R u ready for this...

Sleepover at Jofo's house (OMG we literally met every 2 days)

+ CHER WHO WAS sleeping when this picture was taken at the unearthly hour of 6am

Soccer + news reporter fails omg my fav > 1km walk to Greenwich (gren-ich) > bread and peas and mints at 7-11 > Playground and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk > Back to 7-11 to buy coke thanks to my massive coke craving that came out of nowhere > 1km walk back to jofo's house > dance videos?? > cher crash > PEEEEEEEEErrWdeepai jumpscares > crash all crash crash crash >>> 5.30 to send twang off to serve the nation > crash round 2 > send cher off to serve her dance... place... > crash round 3?!!!!!!!!! 

Healthy lunch for 3! :-))

> CRASH ROUND THREE and rrrrot till 5pm before finally going home. 

I AM SO TIRED bye shall end here spiderman will wait for the next post and I can't wait for sunday  

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