9 May 2014


Happy mayday and AMAZING spiderman 2 with poketuplets after briyani lunch keke and amazing it was. Really really reallylylylylylyllylyll like amazing spiderman 1n2 compared to just the spiderman movie(s) mainly thanks to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone and throughout the whole movie I just kept giggling like a gross little girl everytime they were together cos I'm a gross little girl. 

Hobo after that because we couldn't decide what to do and eventually ended up in my own house >>> bball and friendship band making with jofo > pizza hut with jofo like the PIGS we are > slpover and nuaing like the nuaqueens we are. 


:') #xscl and abtm musical with poketuplets yet again after waiting for 4 whole hours in vivo with my starbucks and my kindle and subway. Surprisingly good songs that are still stuck in my head and good singing and OMG lobang has our hearts and none of us even know why #grosslittlegirl #glg 


Bugis with jofo to buy her choir skirt and walk around bugis street touching things but not buying because... unemployed and shouldn't be shopping hahahahhaa. Pig out session #3483045 at EWF because we had too much time on our hands and nothing to doooooooooooooooo.....

Home and run and random impromptu hokkien mee and my first ever awchoc ice cream which was really awfully chocolatey/talk talk talk and grateful for friends who are always there. 


Library after NTUC and cap shopping (oops) to finally start on my online courses followed by a 30 MINUTE WAIT for my dear friends and slept at the bus stop like a true hobo (but only for a very short while cos it's not very normal and I was afraid someone would call an ambulance or something) before heading to CKhouse to shave hy's hair. Had the time of my life watching twang the hairdresser HAH 

Last BCM after waiting forever for our bus and food before enlistment :( Laughed like SIAO talking about the most random shit ever like producing eggs and jumPING again jumPING again call me 6packpng now


Met with joey my long journey buddy to start our long journey to pasir ris for the second time in 4 months (too fast too fast really too too too toooooooo fassssttt.....) to send hy off to tekong (TO KENA TEKAN) and now nobody's gonna reply my bored Hi's at 1am (which is NOW like it is literally 0100 omg) anymore c r y : ' (

Unbeatable editing skills tqtq poketuplet spirits watching over us

Good korean food (FINALLY) which left me bursting but omg cheap and good and happy and had drugs in it or something cos after lunch I started laughing like CRAZY and couldn't stop and it was so painful cos I felt like I was gonna puke but I was laughing so it was kinda like a happy painful yknow what I mean. 


Nuaed my ass off at home and typed for mummy a bit (conversations with mummy are so interesting cos I learn so many things and discover so many things about her past and my own past that I don't remember and my siblings and I love it) blabla tried watching a new drama but my drama stamina is so weak nowadays. Also tried baking brownies which gave me diabetes like seriously I think I need to go for a checkup soon.

Helped an old man get to the MRT station on the way to cpnl and conversed with him in chinese and although I made him repeat like at least half of his questions because I DON'T UNDERSTAND... it felt so good to be finally helping someone again and feeling appreciated and seeing him so happy to have someone to speak to and now I really wanna go back to Laos/wherever when my life felt like it had a purpose... these moments are comforting because they remind me sometimes having a heart is more than enough and I'm glad I don't have too many things around me to distract myself from laying my love on other people :-) 

Actually really wanna go overseas to volunteer again but honestly have no idea how I'm going to go about doing that and just blah... 

Just had a good long talk after like 2 years maybe with Melody and I feel like I can go to sleep in peace tonight because I don't feel scared anymore EMBRACE CHANGE YES MOTIVATION INSPIRE GOODNIGHT 

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