1 April 2014

JOBLESS AND DREAMLESS this is my life now and I hate it zzz and I hate it everytime mummy walks into my room because I feel like I can see into her mind and she can't stand how I'm rotting and melting into this stupid chair of mine almost as much as me BUT after signing up at so many tuition agencies/emailing like every cat cafe in town (aka 2 but ok let me sound hardworking for once) I get motivated to find a job and then 2 seconds later i'm back at pizza.tumblr.com wasting my life away and craving pizza more than EVER EVWEVEVREERRRRR

I ate nasi lemak yesterday and it felt like the happiest day of my life.

Ok wanted to blog about my life now but..................... I can't even remember what I did in the past 2 weeks and LIKE............ my phone only has food pictures so....

okay hi today was 100% more productive than the past few days even though I did almost nothing that will help significantly in making my life less nonsense than it is. Baked cinnamon rolls and gymmed while watching some china vegetable show and had a healthy lunch (+ healthy breakfast too clap clap) so I thought why not be even more productive and update this er thing??

ok backtrack to our last week of work with jofo and cousin aka self-declared upp thomson food trail cos #yolo

(this is why gymming today did not have any significant effect on my life)
Spent the whole week trying not to fall asleep in the office and just generally being very tired despite not doing anything...... except during lunch time which was the BEST I mean

I really really like food.

19/3??? I can't remember the date

Celebratory dinner @ tonyroma's/shamless refilling of bread/debating if we should get drinks/not getting drinks with chloe becuz SHE DID SO WELL FOR A LEVELS LIKE I'M SORRY AND ASHAMED I DIDN'T EXPECT YOU TO DO SO WELL BUT YOU DID AND I WAS HAPPIER FOR YOU ON 03/03/2014 THAN I WAS FOR MYSELF though it took about one hour for your results to sink in and out of the blue I was like "eh??? what did chloe say she got again??!! OMG"

and I know you keep saying that it wasn't through your own effort you got such results and maybe that's true but then again it's your reward for never giving up through all our torturous post-hill climb 2.5h chemistry sessions and sr's crazy exam schedule and your love-hate relationship with geog + teaching me to never give up and being so optimistic all the time while I cried over my 39/80 for bio midyrs hAHah and I hope this continues to spur you on because now you know and are sure clever brains are not all that matters in this world and God's grace will never fail (HAHAHAHAHA ok let's hope God's grace really never fails ;-))(sorrY)

Also no photo together because I just really can't remember to do such things zz 


Macs breakfast with poked with the intention of going to work after that but as usual some brainwashing went on and jofo and I decided not to go to work after alll..... hoboed our lives away at joey's house with the rest who fell ASLeep leaving me awake and alone :-( before heading back to j8 and RUNNING to the cinema when we saw the looooong queue. Theo James spazz (not me) and lots of discussing during the movie cos we were so damn excited + the littlest details still fresh in our minds so we took every opportunity to point out everything that was different from the book + soundtrack v nice/dabao-ed subway back to cher's house where everyone was supposed to do uni apps but NO we ended up watching return of superman again because smart TVs always win. Before we knew it 5pm came and home we went. 

In 6 months I'm going to read this and bawl my eyes out because I won't be able to spend random days like that rotting away with them for the next mannnny many many years.................. 

Brunch with mummy one fine day (can't remember which too lazy to recall which) and lunch with the parents after church last last Sunday. Been spending so much more time with mummy at home since I'm the ONLY CHILD LEFT and I'm also jobless so I'm like home all the time heh..? Enlightening conversations and so much to learn from her and thankful I have someone in my life to guide me every step of the way and send me off to foreign countries though I'm scared because she knows that's where I'll learn most and best :')) (ok last part sounded sarcastic but it's not yes) 

Then again I'm really starting to miss my siblings like not 1 but all 3 because when I thought about it they all really played v different roles in my life (like conversations in the car with the brother whenever he picked me up from tuition or wherever)(or going next door to flop on the bed when I'm bored or when I just want someone to keep me company)(or annoying the hell out of germaine when I feel like it because she's the only one I can really like, annoy the hell out of and she still won't really get annoyed because #eldersisterperks #bcwheniannoyheritmeansi'minagoodmoodandsheknowshowtoembracethat #i'madamnmeansister #hahaoops) and I'm sad I didn't exactly cherish the times we were able to go overseas or anywhere else as a whole family because now we won't be able to do that for a long time and I feel this tinge of jealousy everytime I see my friends having fun with their siblings like omg I never thought this would happen 

so here's a cheesy picture by gillian che2 in loving memory of the times we spent together (HAHA)

Ok now back to my second family 

Poketuplets @ Yurong's house!!!! Girl in pinafore after lunch complete with #xscl because nothing can make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside yet sad at the same time in just 4 minutes :'(/:') Good zichar and fooling around with hy's essay/fatify/dog lovin

岁月的细水慢慢流 流到了别离的时候
轻拍你的肩听我说 朋友不要太惆怅
霓虹纵然再嚣张 我们的步履有方向
成败不论 切莫将昔日遗忘

(Can't read half of the words there but ok translation seems apt so... HAHA)(need to do something about my chinese how is it possible to forget so quickly???)(acjc your fault)


Started the day off with a good morning walk in bishan park with jofo which slowly turned itself into a never-ending torturous hike from ANG MO KIO TO KOVAN everyone remember to give us a pat on the back if you read this and see us. Perspired like a pig and feet threatened to drop off but shiokness ensued when we finally reached!!!!!!!!

Met the other lazy pigs who did not walk 8km that day (HAAH kidding)(not relaly) at Lola's and then cher @ nex for our 1-for-1 smoothie king smoothies (ok hesitated typing this cos i'm a selfish bitch and didn't want other people getting cheap smoothies but I pondered over it and decided that no this is not the way to live my life). 2048 and pontian and yay finally everyone is done with uni appz 


BCM/wafflelicious without waffles with joey jofo twang hy and ^ doesn't this just explain everything 


Stfyxy so proud of you for like no reason at all maybe cos you got through so many things and I'm so happy for you because your best friend is a cute indian twin and your cca is swagbombz and you are happy and acjc loves you like you love acjc :') 

Lousy quality but one cannot not post a selfie with mr sum my fav teacher of all time (sorry I like hated you for pushing me so hard in j2 but thank you for not hating me despite my B in GP :-)))) for teaching me more than just GP and being such a great mentor and inspiration to us all 

FORXXII with my Srijaja and spent a huge huge unthinkable amount of money on acjc merchandise because #acpride yadahyadah... Walked round and round and round until almost closing time/CRAZY GOOD mac n cheese by some class I almost went back to ask for the recipe/expensive spaghetti/chilli hotdog on the bleachers/er awkward long conversation with jackson koh who is still the same and still talking to us like we're stupid but eh it's ok we forgive and forget yes. It was good to be back but then again sad because its been 4 months and already things are changing people are drifting and somehow suddenly we aren't as important to each other anymore. 

the light is quite evenly spread out actually HAHA lame ok sorry 

Baked fruit tarts + butter cake + cinnamon rolls today and am slowly making my way to become Singapore's #1 chef 

Kidding they all kind of failed in some way but it's ok I tried ^^


Somebody find me a job 

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