20 April 2014

一个风和日丽的一天 (I just really can't remember the date cos it was so random HAHAA).... 

Nakhon (SUPER CHEAP N GOOD and ulu) with jofo and after that we hopped onto a train to anywhere and ended up in somerset which led to kind-of shopping though none of us bought anything... laughed like crazy women trying on stupid kid jackets in h&m and wearing beanies meant for kids 1-4y/o and just overall being stupid and acting stupid because that's what life is about hHEHe 


Nice rice 

Dinner @ 10 with jofo twang hy after the guys bballed after hy fell down hahahahahhahhahahahaa >> 那些年 >> raving rabbids and mariokart (did we mariokart??? i can't remember wth) >> sleep???? WOW was I drunk I can't remember a thing........

but ANYWAY woke up to nice cold rain after about 2.5h of sleep and then chermaine came and we left for bfast to eat nasi lemak but there. was. no. more. nasi. lemak so I had some gross carrot cake (SOBz) which I finished anyway cos mouth itchy/monodeal at hagandaz if that's how you spell it but you get what I mean (Twang, 2014) where this enthu my little pony guy came to try and sell us toys LOL bla bla home sleep bla bla bla

0604 happy birthday twang/sy may you continue to be young at heart because when the going gets tough i know it will get you through (and you will get each other through) 

Mind cafe with poketuplets and cluedo and saboteur and birthday muffins and gay keychains for twangsy...... and sociable us making friends with cafe staff  (omg this post is gonna be SAA LAAANG I'M LIKE STILL 2 WEEKS AGO...). Looking forward to the many more birthday celebrations to come (particularly mine HAHA ok jk but not really) and my vocab is very limited now so ya I'm always saying the same things when I blog about these people anyway yes 



1. Fit us wanted to go for tree top walk (note 10km to and fro adventurous or what) so to macritchie we went but LO AND BEHOLD WHO KNEW the tree top walk is closed on mondays..... so we decided to just walk anyway and
2. MONITOR LIZARD HOLYs shit and... speaking of shit after FIVE GRAND mins of walking 
3. I needed to shit so badly and there weren't any toilets close by (ok I know what you are thinking by now especially if you are an army boy but gpng is civilised as hell) so tummy rub and brisk walk all the way back to where we started where
4. the toilets were being cleaned but HELL NO MY BOWELS WILL NOT TAKE THAT so in to the toilet I ran and shitted with like 6 male indian/bangla janitors hovering outside the stall (not even kidding ok the mop actually came into the stall a few times and i had to lift my feet) but oh well it was a good experience because the toilet was so clean 


5. So since we were back at our starting point we decided that nah 2 kewl for monitor lizards so off to upp thomson for breakfast we went ON THE WRONG BUS.... so okay crisis management is good and the bus was going to amk hub anyway so we went to amk hub and
6. ended up wanting to bake at my house so we bought our damn expensive ingredients for our cereal bars (which were very nice I must say) 

check it out 

and during this wonderful baking session involving melted marshmallows (which are NOT SAFE FOR INSANE PEOPLE WARNING PARENTAL GUIDANCE ADVISED)
7. I used the wrong butter which turned out to be good so okay... 
8. CHLOE BIT MY HEAD ACCIDENTALLY like literally teeth to scalp how is that even possible I don't KNOW
9. I got cereal stuck to my lip and couldn't get it into my mouth because I was laughing so hard I simply couldn't close my mouth 
10. washing marshmallow fluff off your pots is hell 

11. Lunch with the intention of going to eat my fav fish noodles but they stopped taking orders 10 mins before we reached #whatsnew #suitelifeofgraceandchloe #suitelifemorelikesweetlife #waitwhat #sweetmorelikebitter #hashtag #what #what #what. 
OH wait before that...

12. almost died on the way to lunch 

13. surprisingly not very eventful lunch like our dimsum didn't come alive and attack us so we went to amk library to plan our lives (plan my life) which turned into a htht with mostly only me talking (once again #whatsnew) and talk and talk and talk and ok this point is not a very interesting point but 13 is such a controversial number it makes everything more interesting anyway #what 

14. bye chloe thanks for being there for me through all my i-am-worthless rants and for always reminding me each day was and is meant to be glorious; for putting up and never saying anything about my deafness and irrational demands. when i'm old and depressed rest assured i will pay you (i mean, IF YOU WANT....) to be my psychiatrist/therapist because you will always be my first and best therapist and your shoulder will always be greatly appreciated literally and otherwise. 


Pasarbella with gfeq after free cone day (STRAWBY CHEESECAKE my one and only luv)/CAPT america aka captain hamsum with joey and chermaine and was so amused that a place like this exists in SG which also meant a picture every 5 steps but phone cam rocks so bad only like 2 pictures look ok after intense editing. 

Damn good and expensive food and good seats with good view of good looking guy (HAHA). Ate until we almost exploded and ended it with the bESSTEST tirAMIsu eVer and I don't even usually like tiramisu so omg please try it I'm so glad I was in the mood to spend money because the F00D.... w0w

Missed our shuttle bus so we sat outside in the cold and talked for one whole hour and reminisced about good ol times in tuao when we were all young and full of running and promise :'(/:') Sad because we'll never be able to return as a team again and so many things have changed for the worst but very very very thankful we were able to be part of what will always be the first and best mission trip we ever made. Awed at how time has flown and it's been 3++ WHOLE YEARS since we went and I am all old and cranky and stiff now...

siGH missing my kids and how close we were missing the person I was (if i'm not her anymore idek) missing tuao 2011 and relationships that will never be the same again and missing laos and how we were all we had.


COLLAGE because who has time to edit pictures one by one??? 

Crazy day/night getting beancurd tarts with jofo in the afternoon and getting lost and walking into a totally different cafe with the same name -.- hobotym at starbucks with our ice shakened lemon tea and just doing what grace does best before I headed home to wait for germaine who IS FAINLLY BACK and who is going back to perth soon............... L0n3ly MII :'((( (ok fun fact i'm eating a chocolate easter egg as I type this and WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO CREATE CHOCOLATE EGGS like they are actually really difficult to eat and worst of all they are hollow in the centre isn't that just great) 
Airport with pokedtwang >>>>>> macs > burger king > t1 > pLAYGROUND!!!!!! > cluedo cluedo cluedo cluedo cluedo!!!!!! > quiznos with no broccoli cheese soup -h3eartbreak- > wang's cafe and cluedo cluedo cluedo > arrival in perth (HAHA) >

mrt to promenade > super nice weather that triggered release of happysad hormones (ok this is it can someone give me the exact name and formula of this hormone because I really like it) > getting kind of lost > trying to sneak in without any invitation letter and succeeding because you can't deny true friendship GAHA > *drizzle* "haha we look so stupid in these ponchos I hope it rains damn heavily cos then WE WIN" *20 mins later in pouring rain and wet asses* "I'm sorry can i take back what i said" >>> damn good band music and dancing in the rain (AHHAA not really) > singing along to TRAINING TO BE SOLDIERS like the supportive friends we are > shedding tears of pride and joy when they threw their caps (not literally but I was crying inside) 

>>>>>>>> mad selfie taking and squeezing through crowds of sweaty boys

Left poketuplets and had the hardest time in the world finding kevin but succeeding nevertheless because I'm that good (HAHA ok kidding i'm sorry daryl if you are reading this but you know i'm very short i can't see above these >1.6m people) 

lesson learnt: selfies are difficult when your height difference is 30cm

PROUD OF YA SERGEANT TEO and happy belated bday :-)))))) thanks for being one of the most important friends in my life and a comfort to see in school and church for the past 2 years when things got tough and as much as I hate it I miss comparing my results with yours and making it onto the honour roll tgt and on to stage on results day  :') I don't think you ever need me to pick out vday gifts for your girl(s) anymore (HHAHAHAHAAHA) cos u r now a ~r34l mAn~ but pls come to church more often so I actually have friends to talk to and spam during boring sermons thx

Happy and proud and home I went


YURONG N PERCY'S HOUSE AND HAPPY ultra slack day albeit a few awkward moments HAHAHA at yurong's house :))))) Er watched 2 singaporean movies and fell asleep because ya lion men is not a very good movie + dinner bought by yr's parents yay shihlin meesua and chickEN :-))))))))))

Tauhuey after that and ok wanted to add a pic but my phone is not cooperating so forget it yeZ........

1504 OK LAST DAY BEFORE I SLEEP because the purpose of this whole post was actually to relive one of the funnest bestest happiest fruitfullest fulfillingest days of my life smileyface smileyface smileyface smileyface

Met jofoleonhy at orchard to go shopping HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA never in my life have I ever imagined myself going shopping with them. Like when I think back about how we were like in pri school...... mamamaamia~

Briyani (cough) and nasi lemak for lunch followed by uniqlo and taka where I didn't find my shoes but hy did LOL zzz. TRAMP park after meeting yurong and running to the place from dakota mrt (1.2KM just searched on google maps ok no joke) and then jump jump jump hy flip ankle wonky jump jump jump flying glamorously into foam pit jump jump watch twang jump jump bye tramp park.


Stepped into like a thousand pet shops that day just to look at the dogs (and cats but mostly dogs) and cry over how we can't keep them all s0bz. Bus to nex and more hoboing

1-for-1 smoothies and wraps for dinner with hyleonjofo (aka... nvm)(what) and too much time to kill (i always try and recall what we actually talk about while we are tgt but I really don't know) >> walk walk around nex and to pet safari to look at dogs AGAIN and then hunt for dog cafe which doesn't exist anymore and then because we had too much time to kill..................... arcade

exercise round 2 for the day with bball and mario kart (waste of money friends) and bishi bashi!!!!!!!! topped up the card 4 times with jofo topping up 10 BUCKS HAHAHAHA HILIGHT OF MY DAY but that meant a lot more bballing and bishi bashing and more fun and laughter and joy and happiness and fun and laughter and joy and happiness (sorry vocab limited) and fun fun fun fun funfunfunffunnnnnnnnn ahhhh 

CUI and muscles aching (ached for 2 days after that HAHA damn lousy but happy) and armed with valudollar ice lemon tea and chips (all of which I consumed but did not pay for i'm sorry) got panged by jofo who went home to do online shopping so hobo pt. 3 commenced at the playground with lemon tree + happy clap clap clap clap + other songs grace does not recognize + pewdiepie (did we watch??? i can't rmb OMG someone heal my hippocampus) 

chermaine came and into the spinny thing we went again and talk and talk and talk and talk medric came talk talk chermaine left talk talk talk talk talk and learnt new things about my frenzzz..... all digested now HAHAHA talk talk talk army talk "3g very fun hor" planning for bfast 8 hours later waiting for bus foot drill stories and talk talk bus came and mummy told me we were going to leave at 7am the next day (technically that same day because by then it was past midnight) and my heart broke because no bfast :'( sigh

back from bkk (another post pls have mercy on me) and missed my friends SO much over the 4 days I can't even imagine what I'm gonna do for the next 4 years....................................................................


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