16 March 2014

Rain outside/happy inside :-)))))))))))))))))))) Pitter patter on my windows for the first time in months and months and months and I feel so happy and contented with life (but just temporarily) especially after going to all the open houses and realising how easy it is to talk to fellow singaporeans and then worrying about how I might not be able to adapt over in UK...... but at the same time knowing that I won't and can't miss this opportunity to experience living overseas....

Sat alone (coz I skipped bible class nottty gal) outside church and talked to myself/God/stared at cars passing by/leaves falling/watched as it started drizzling (and I almost wanted to cry wth damn emotional yes) cos my phone was dead and everyone else wasi n class and all my worries were washed away :'))) 

So many plans and so many things I want to do in the next 5-6 (OMG?????????????????) months I just hope everything works out/falls together nicely and I earn some er money for myself. Praying again for the first time in months (maybe like a year actually) I really grow emotionally mentally spiritually in the months to come despite having such a mundane life
 so when the time comes 

I stop being scared 

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