6 March 2014

Ok no being lazy today

(sister uploaded pics on fb while I was typing this but ok too lazy to c+p nice pics so here's one for ya and the rest from my lousy phone camera)

Ok technically this is still being lazy because I'm 1. too damn lazy to arrange the photos in chronological order and 2. toox2 damn lazy to even explain what's going on in any of the pictures but basically u know.... australia..... markets and beaches and sunsets and lots and lots of walking (almost 10km per day!!!) and occasionally shoes hanging on power lines like they do only in movies (or so I thought).

Ate chinese, japanese, korean, vietnamese, turkish, australian food all within the 7 days I was there and took the plane home all alone!!!! SO exciting I couldn't stop smiling to myself with every step I took (also taking a selfie every 5m) and felt so grown-up checking in by myself, walking to the gate by myself, asking for an upgrade by myself, boarding the plane myself etcetcetc though I've done it so many times....

(ok stalking my own tweets now)

28/2 Ran to breakfast (SIGH THESE 3 WORDS DESCRIBE MY LIFE SO WELL) after slothing around at home for almost a whole week and had famous kwaychap before walking to work because we r FIT KIDS
Also after korean bbq buffet the previous night with PnK but ok. ok. ok. need to diet. ok. 

this is not the end
Airport with sharlongbao/xt/siuhoi and finally reached after the most torturous 1h+ bus ride which made my ass hurt like never before to fetch adeline from HK~ Macs/mango pudding/bimbo sharlene zz/bimbo talk/bimbo kindle discovery/bimbo/bimbo/bimbo/sweechoon at 1am to grow fatter/home at 2am.


Started march off with tauhuEY after what felt like sooooooooo long with c/j/s/l/q complete with tokyo banana from cher who landed only at 6pm that day and my fairy penguins who hibernated in my bag for a whole week heh. Playground after that/running after swings like the little kids we are/swinging until I almost puked/swings are good for having little talks. Sat in the big spin spin thingy and fretted over results together/went home feeling v v v v v v v v happy n heart filled w luv n thankful all over again for these people

Church WITHOUT my stupid ~churchies~ who were supposed to come visit but failed to wake up but was glad I went alone anyway because I hadn't been in a longish time n it felt good to sit in the auditorium again on a wooden pew by myself to b at peace n thank God for everything everything everything in my life (and 1 day before results too). Breakfast @ sbux because me and andrew refused to go for class................ heh rly miss some things sorry for some things and v v v regretful over some things.................................. I don't think I've regretted something so much before ow :'( (突然好想你)

SMU after that w MY CHURCHIES!!!!!!!!!!! MORE LIKE SMUMIES z.zzzz. Lunch at EWF with overly enthusiastic waitress/walk to SMU/walk walk walk walk walk walk and pang-ed them to go find cher/joey w leon/hy and ended up in an econs talk (tho I do not take econs) which I half-slept thru with a gigantic huge chapalang rojak bunch (of hwachong people)

But more importantly with my KnD and FLIMSYLIMSYZZZZZ. 


Spent the morning literally seriously sitting in my room shaking my leg trying to shake the nerves away and taking one whole hour to eat my sandwich before I couldn't take it anymore and decided to go straight to school.

Hoboed around in the void deck (ah good times) while hopping from void deck to canteen to squash toilet to concourse to basically everywhere around the school and taking in the atmosphere and spirit and missing the times we used to hobo together in the void deck between lessons with our messy hair and yong tau foo (which I couldn't eat thx a lot butterflies)

Up in the hall and almost broke down in tears twice/nobody listening to principal's speech/everyone listening to mrs chan's speech/playing with hands/heads down praying/eyes brimming with tears of anxiety/but when they started announcing the top scorers my whole body calmed down and I guess clapping and feeling happy for your friends really can distract tho when they skipped SC5-SC8 and went straight to SD1 while announcing those with 6As my heart dropped out my ass and all I could do was laugh because........... it's a joke????? Expected myself to cry tears of joy when mr sum called my name but was rly rly just filled with relief and relief and relief and relief and relief.............. and thankfulness and more more moremoer thankfulness because 2013 was rly rly rly rly rly hard...

Joey's at night with yet another happy bouquet of balloons + egg tarts + tuahuey of course ^^v morning's events completely forgotten n feelings of thankfulness for results got replaced with thankfulness for poketuplets. I really don't want to leave u all sobs

Spent the past 3 days freaking out over going overseas to study and while this time last year I couldn't wait for this time to come (knowing I alr have a uni to go to etcetcetc) apparently I don't exactly want to go either... because I have to leave my friends and my cat and the comfort home offers and I can't see those faces up there for the longest time evaaaaaaaaaa. and I'm scared when I come back I will be a changed person and I can't talk to them anymore/scared I forget how important they are to me/scared they forget/scared I won't be there when my cat dies/scared of having to face everything over in uk/scared I can't find friends/scared I can't be happy/dread dread dread because I really really really really really really xinfinity cannot bear to leave because I know n I've seen what a few months even weeks apart can do to relationships n I know absence hardly makes a heart grow fonder

poured everything out to mummy today and all she said was "your 6a friends are still sticking to you like glue" and broke down in tears becos  我真的很怕............................... 


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