5 March 2014

I really really really love u all and I really really really don't want u to be sad and I am really really really proud of u and I really really really hope u know this doesn't change anything because I really really really don't give a shit how you did because u are really really really more than this and I really really really hope u believe that :'( n I know u did your best and that's probably the most painful part of it all but as annoying as this sounds u will get through this n gpng will always be here for ya through the good the bad and the ugly

thanking God for my results but more>>>>>>> thankful for poketuplets and poked and kode and my butts and acjc and mr sum/mrs yong/mr choi and maybe even lpj (when I feel generous)

and I'm very very very scared because I feel like we've all dived suddenly into this abyss (figurative speech siolZ but gp still B) almost unknowingly (which is ironic because we've been preparing for this all our lives) and we r all a teeny bit lost and afraid but all will be well because all has been well

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