10 March 2014

aM here because I stayed up for the york online chat but ER it's not very interesting so..........

Ultra impromptu aquarium date with joey and jofo not only to visit the fishies but also cher the aqm guide. Good fun with the fishies and jofo's stupid comments (like how we were watching the dolphins and all she had to say was "wah they swim damn well eh") and seahorse imitations............

Tank after tank + finding nemo AND FAILING HAHAHAHAHA omg we suck/damn fascinated by jellyfish/a thousand failed selfies thanks to aqm lighting

Pretty jellyfish we stood and stared at for the longest time because joey wanted to get a picture for every colour 

Vivo after that with cher and our old chang kee fatness and egglets/discussing about uni which has becoming our main convo topic since results day and a feeling a bit amused how life is moving forward after what feels like a long lonnnnng time. BCM/salted caramel (creamery) with hy and yurong and (blablabla i feel like i'm just typing whatever joey typed in her blog post HAHAH)/playground our new fav hangout and making too much noise as usual/filling up with warmth again 

NTU open house with joeyyyyy after careteam because maybe joey is my long journey buddy so like how we travelled all the way to bukit batok the other time this time we journeyed to pulau NTU where we ate mcdonalds and went for talks and bumped into friends and old friends every 2 metres (and also where grace fell asleep in the BIO talk this is bad). Felt a teenyweeny bit weird seeing sec sch mates after so long but was good seeing JC friends I thought I would never meet again (haha) so thankful I went because maybe (maybe) it reminded me these are people who came into my life and changed it (for the btter mostly) and I should never forget because that will not b very nice of me (sry 0059hrs not good for blogging).

Home n bonding time with sandy che2 and talked more about uni stuff and ate ate ate like the piggies we are before I abandoned her to go for supper (AGAIN.....)

Poketuplets ^~^/tauhuey but no tauhuey for me because I ate dinner+pulot hitam+rojak+egg tart+strawberries+like every other food you can find in my house//playground and selfies in the dark/home and happy 

I have a thousand things on my todo list now like applying for scholarships and finding a new job and applying for attachment and WANTING TO DO TOO MANY JOBS... (never thought this day would come but it's a good thing I guess) and signing up for driving (might never get this done wth). Actually decided on which uni to choose a few days after results day but now am undecided again........ so many things we are not sure of and so many things to take into consideration

also so many heartbreaking things happening recently (though not to me but then again still heartbreaking/makes me sososososososo thankful albeit rather ashamed of myself thinking how God has blessed me and my life/bus ride with jofo and cher today made me realise again how lucky I am I haven't had to experience any tragedies/wondering how I will ever cope when the day comes) but these are the things that keep me going and spur me on to love and do good 
and I really really hope above many many things that this whole me going into biomed works out and I don't lose sight of what I'm doing it for

Gpng don't ever forget don't rely on such reminders please 

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