9 February 2014

Realised blogging is actually quite therapeutic especially for lonely nights like tonight ahahhahahhaah I have a million drafts of emo posts that shall not see the light of day.... ok westlife playlist/backtrack backtrack (I miss poked)


初一!!! Love CNY for all the reasons everybody else loves CNY ie. angpaos/family/food

全家福 but not very 全 without the bro ft. the branch in papa's face haahaha 

Star of the day who went crazy at night and attacked me?! omg small dogs are the scariest :'(

Completely broke tradition this year because there weren't any nice movies to watch so we spent the main part of the day (after most of the angpao collecting/stuffing our faces with food) playing cards/king's cup/circle of death/whatever you call it and I consumed the most alcohol I've ever consumed in my life?!! but it was good to finally be able to talk/bond with cousins after not having gathering for soooo sooooo long.....+ kkk back in sg/last cny with germaine for the next year/few years :-(( 
and of course I napped what is cny without sleep 

初二 with the same people/more babies/more food/less drinking/more sleeping 

方 :-))) So grateful for this big big family (which just keeps getting bigger...)

Clowning around with the piggy again as usual ^^v 

Lion dance house (HAHA) after bainianing~~ Randomly wanted to go and drink coffee (???) in the middle of the afternoon so off we went to arbite where I satisfied my truffle fries craving. Back to house and played head's up/stalked a million people on instagram/ATE/SLEPT............................
Sent germaine off to aussie early early the next morning (but I don't have photos hehe) and this song is not helping because it's making me her super annoyingness??? so here's a photo of our skype session one hour ago
Super nua sunday/初三 at home after ponning church and driving/walking to three different kopitiams because everything was closed and bachormee uncle said we would have to wait 30 mins for our food. Ended up in trusty kopitiam opposite home before going to SLEEP MORE............. (omg I'm rly a pig help)
EXCITING day next and just realised I don't have a photo of whatever happened at XT's house but anyway... Woke up early early because I wanted to get there early but was too early so I stopped over at NTUC to buy drinks for my dear alcoholic friends. Walked through mrt stations with beer bottles clanging against each other with every step/a lot of judgy eyes and hoboing alone at nex before srija finally arrived. 
Long bus ride with this (cough pardon my language) crazy bitch/long ride long talks and stories of all the boys n banglas chasing after her ;-) Laughed my ass off as usual becos she's crazy///// XT's house and interrupted her cozytime with siu/watched (kind of) crazy stupid love/waited for the rest to come and when they finally came guess what I did

daz rite

I took a 1h nap on her sofa 
Ok la it's because I'm damn uninterested in mahjong so I just made myself comfortable and got too comfortable and as I said before... what's cny without sleep??? Left early with srijuice because I had to buy cake and balloons for........... 

I swear they get cuter (this is totally not the right word nor is it v appropriate but WATEVA my vocab is this limited now ok) every time???

Chionged to buy the stuff because jofo was already on the way before I even reached bishan and I am quite sure the balloon aunty recognizes me.... because this is like the 6th time I'm going back to buy a WHOLE BOUQUET OF BALLOONS........... ran to the taxi stand right after that and one of the balloons decided to pop right when I was in the middle of a crowd so I totally wrecked havoc because kids started crying/all eyes on me/all hell broke loose/I'm exaggerating but that was what it felt like

Took like 3 minutes to get everything in the taxi and the rest of the ride trying to hold the balloons down because I didn't want to block the mirrors or whatever and then when I finally reached home JOFO WAS STANDING AT THE BUS STOP I intended to alight at so I screamed at the taxi uncle to drive me to my doorstep/a lot of lying went on w/ cher to hide the surprise (which was ruined by a certain twang but I will get to that) 

Thumbprint jam cookies with jofo/cher and playing around with sister's new chio lens/blur cher reading the recipe wrongly and me not following recipe which left us with v liquidy batter which we managed to salvage by spamming flour hhaahhaahaha 

I really suck at baking??

The rest arrived and we had the hardest time ever trying to get dinner because nobody wanted to deliver to my ulu house... :-((( Settled for golden pillow in the end and cher's yummy potato salad 

I Have Never (which brought back laos memories and made me q sad for a moment because it seems we will never play this like we did again....) in an attempt to finish the food. Ultra satisfying/heartwarming laughter resonating through the house/everybody clicking and almost zero awkwardness despite meeting each other for maybe twice or less each year in the past 6 years :'))) 6A friends r friends for life 2 

bobochihuahua/homolaja game while the few of us scrambled around the house prepping for the surprise. Boys finally arrived while I was trying to untangle the balloons and when we were trying to light the candle bimbotwang happily walked into the kitchen and said "WHY GOT CAKE WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS IT" super loudly even I could hear and there went our surprise

Kitchen door slam/me n joey going crazy rolling on the floor not sure if we should cry or laugh and ended up doing both but omg so funny now that I think of it hahahahahahhaHAHAHhahhahaahaa 

but it's ok because it's the thought that counts right 

cake/more bobochihuahua before enlistment cap presentation 

Hmm bad photo but nvm 

Played with joey's fisheye/more photos/goodbyes/miss them already......................................

Housewife (HHAHA) instincts/adventurous kids in us took over so cher/jofo/I took a walk to the breadless giant to buy ingredients to make breakfast for the army boyz. Daidi/gin rummy at 1am+/stephanie six/florence four/king kenneth/the hands I didn't even know we had (^ yellow thing at bottom right hand corner in case u r a bit confused) and which haunted us that night. Sherlock after our brains died @ gin rummy @ 2am 

After that I can't really remember what happened but something like hanying wanted to watch soccer or couldn't sleep because of the cat/me trying to torrent hd frozen but failing because the computer died/leon wanting to watch insidious/and I really cannot remember how it came to this but eventually we kept quiet for 5 mins and everyone just died

3 hour sleep and up again at 7am to make breakfast (#dedication) 

Half-awake cooking is good cooking 

Breakfast cups (becos it's every man's dream to wake up to the smell of bacon) + fruit salad 

Good morning/LENS CAP HUNT........ it really evaporated sobs before everyone fell back asleep again??? vvv

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Look at hy the pig (special caption for u cos u will be reading this i think) 

Amk central with jofo to buy lens cap (hahaha)/chocolate origin/sitting by the fountain and talking for 1hr/home/nua/nua/nua/nua/nua

I'm too lazy to type anymore so I stop here ok goodnight 

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