14 February 2014

I'm so super super duper sleepy because work makes me so super super duper sleepy....



Happy/sad enlistment day~~~ Met up with poked (which wasn't established yet hahaahha) to send leon/qy/sy/medric off to tekong at pasir ris (note 7am alarm #2 after slpover)/bus to ferry terminal with qy sy where we did nothing but use the toilets/eat jelly hearts and ended up cabbing back to the interchange + good chat between taxi uncle and sociablee

quote cwong
Had a short minute of silence with gpng when the crowd got overwhelming and botak guys & excited friends were everywhere, cos it suddenly dawned on us how much we've been through together: from little boys with swinging wallets and eraser wars to,well........ botak guys & excited friends ;-) The next 2 years will be quite a ride (and the uncertainty is out of this world and quite literally, gna be all over the planet) but all iz well. cos this is 6A and sometimes when you know it's gonna be ok, it really is gonna be okay

Made me 1 2 cry please rmb me when/if I fly across the planet ok I will always be with u all in spirit S OBSZZZZZ................

I m so tired n lazy now


Post enlistment with adeline mrs luk mr luk thaddaeus after bridge/gin rummy at macs with a/sh/bimbo carissa

XLB craving satisfied temporarily @ paradise dynasty after clowning around in some sports shop

 but not anymore bcos i rly want some xlb now 

Gin rummy featuring thaddaeus who GINNED ON HIS SECOND ROUND????????????? unbelievable someone tell me how he seduced lady luck 

Couldn't stop being amused at how gay our almost identical polaroids r (specially for thaddaeus cos army boy to be)

Good time good fun with this rojak bunch n very thankful we still meet up (rather) often :-)))) Rly amuses me thinking of how different all my friends are and how different our friendship is; the things we talk about, the stupid shit we enjoy doing together and the way we contact each other from day to day?? Maybe there's something to do with the vulnerability of our relationship also when not talking everyday makes us drift but idk and I don't think it's something to worry about anymore anyway hehe

The past week or so was almost mentally/emotionally torturous and for a moment there I really really really missed the distraction studying provided but now I REALLY REALLY CAN'T EVEN IMAGine having to go home to study for a test the next day hahaha. Overthinking/falling again but nothing as satisfying to finally stand up again and laugh at how foolish I was being :-)))) (and 6A therapy is truly therapy)

Also been talking a lot a lot a lot about our results and I really don't know how I feel about it?? Exxxxtremely excited about entering/preparing for a new chapter in life but at the same time so scared of the unknown/unexpected and of course scared of failure as always.......... or am I???? I don't even really know because after so long I know I've already accepted that everything has been done/I can't undo anything and cliche as it might be (and as much as I hate hearing this myself....) deep down I know everything has already been planned out for me n right now I can say I'm glad for this faith :-))))

Ok back to the the point

7.45 am macs breakfast with poked (7am alarm #3 in the same week)

Fav shaggy ^

Luv poked (+ super guai dog who refused to play with the others) 

Macs with very milky hot tea + Dog run/Joey n hanying not daring to go in which resulted in pictures which resulted in vvvv good entertainment that night hhahahahahahahahahahahaha + Joey finally daring to go in after hy left/home/nua (meeting poked again in 2 hours waha n am now hoboing in bishan library)

Sleepover that night at yanggin's!! vvv the one and only photo we took that night because we slept q early cos we had church the next day (sorry I spent like one entire movie laughing at joey/hanying)

Dinner with the cow again at habitat because we are both very lazy and poor/cannot be bothered to find somewhere new (actually we tried..) 

"Ok I let you keep 2 pictures ok see I'm so nice" 

^ Our sticky date pudding to celebrate our dateless vday

Weird talk as usual because she is a mad cow?? Even from the very beginning when she totally walked past the cafe WHILE looking for the cafe and even after I called her she waved me away and continued walking AWAY from the cafe and left me standing there by myself feeling very amused that I have such a friend. 

Took a million photos for the strangers (haha) who were sitting beside us and was feeling nice so I offered them a polaroid but wahza they had their own so we became best friends and took pictures for one another instead (but lazy me hasn't scanned in our awkward instax so never mind...). Love each time I spend with this crazy female even though I will never say this to her face because her ego makes me want to kill myself sometimes HAHA but thankful bcos she is one of the constants in this everchanging life :-))) 


Let the collage spam begin 

After a week or so of inconclusive and very unproductive whatsapp conversations planning for applebomber's birthday because we had so much other rubbish to talk about the day finally came!!! It was the hardest thing I've had to do this year -- keeping my mouth shut about this which kind of failed because I dropped so many hints zz (like asking what I should wear/giving lame answers)

but it's ok because adeline is adeline for a reason so I still managed to do things secretly but at the same time right in front of her at the same time HAHA oblivious apple

so after a day (or rather a week) of laughing to myself every time I had to lie about my plans that day....


Nando's with yet another rojak bunch complete with Just Married/It's A Boy balloons and many awkward silences and shouting/throwing menus/damn buay paiseh refilling of drinks + reunion of austistic nuns ^^v (which rly brought out the autistic kids in us again and threw me back to sch days when every break was spent laughing and doing stupid shit :'-))       (tauhuey/srija+mrleow incident/me falling down TWICE after lecture etc etc etc)

^ Erms the clearest picture we have with each other -.----- 

I don't think you will read this but t q for being my friend through the 2 years (even though j1 was spent sleeping) and even though I always annoy you and you always annoy me I hope I've been able to be the sister you never had keke ^^ I will still love you even if you marry and remarry like 10 different malays (clarification: grace is not racist grace loves malays just like she loves everybody else)(which is not too much sometimes but that's beside the point)(she's trying) 

^ I hope our friendship never changes 

p/s: it's not over yet listen closely to your doorbell
(eh oops I realised I just published your number for the world to see???? sorry ah I'm v lazy)

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