1 March 2014

Back from aussie and I felt I deserved a break so here I am slothing around at home and rotting my ass off. I feel like I've been gone for the longest time ever........

Australia post will come one day because I am TOO LAZY and a bit burdened with thoughts of what I should do with my life (esp with a level results being released exactly one week from now ahahahaa ahhhh) so..


Saveur with my butts~~
Met up at far east and was supposed to go to the sushi bar but nooooo queue was miles long so we sat outside fep and rotted while googling for things to eat in town. Saveur pasta + some mocktail + duck confit which was basically heaven in my mouth 
+ instax selfies ft. the one up there which was taken accidentally HAHAHA but it's my fav cos it represents our friendship perfectly :'))

............ (laziness triumphs for next few days)

Results on monday and every time I think of it my heart feels like it's gonna beat right out my chest (hey soul sister~) but I don't even know what I'm scared of... am actually starting to think I just (ok not think I know but mb I'm just too abnormal to admit) really enjoy the feeling of being nervous/anxious heh because along with it comes excitement and grace never wants to miss out on any excitement (HAHA lame sorry).

but I'm looking forward to monday rather than dreading it because... I don't really know why because I'm quite very happy with my life now and I'm not exactly eager for uni to start (much less having to apply for thingz zz annoying) but maybe curiosity has taken over and I want to know if my hard work paid off.....

I can honestly and truthfully and safely say I have NEVER worked so hard for anything in my life (and it wasn't even as hard as other people #sloth) and of course anything less than those few A's will make me sad but then again as much as I like butterflies in my stomach I like the feeling of standing up and pulling myself back together after stumbling... which is maybe why I'm looking forward to monday because for now it's a welcome distraction, it's a chance to grow, another opportunity to know what I really want and what is important to me -- results good or bad.

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